KUSports: Self sees matchup options with big backcourt (10/24)

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    “At least one thing stands out when evaluating Kansas University’s possible starting lineup of 5-foot-11 Naadir Tharpe, 6-5 Wayne Selden, 6-8 Andrew Wiggins, 6-8 Perry Ellis and 6-9 Tarik Black: it’s one, fairly tall unit — sure to provide matchup problems for opposing coaches.”

  • sorry I didn’t see your th read first. Haste makes waste! thanks Paris

  • Thanks for the link to the article. Reading it reminded me that I still like the writers at KUsports and the coverage they provide, even the opinion posts. Wish they hadn’t screwed up the comments so badly.

  • The one thing they don’t talk about in that article is the potential for a super big lineup. That lineup wouldn’t be used all the time, but they could legitimately play a group like

    Selden - PG, 6-5 White III - SG, 6-6 Wiggins - SF, 6-8 Lucas - PF, 6-10 (or Ellis, 6-9) Embiid - C, 7-0

    That’s NBA size or better at every spot. There are maybe 2 teams in the whole country that can match that type of size and talent.

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