Hey don't look now

  • Guys, don’t look now but the BASEBALL team putting together a pretty good season. Ya maybe just 29-22 but their growing -really young. 29-22 and are tied right now for third in the league when they were picked in the pre season to finish LAST. Again really young, future is ahead of them in the league for sure. Trying to sweep K-Straight which happens to be at the bottom -lmao seems like they are getting pretty good at being bottom dwellers in the spots dept lol.

    They go for the sweep this afternoon against the bottom boys. TCU is 1st - -then Texas Tech 2nd - then we tied with Oklahoma for 3rd - -not bad. - -Their RPI has came up from like I believer they said 160 - -to 60 so quite a jump. - They hoping maybe they might get an invite to the NCAA tourney at any rate proud of how they are coming along. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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