Sooner or Later...

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    David Boren gets on my nerves. Not as bad as the entire UT administrative body… but close.

    He is now hedging the existence of the Big 12 in order to appear strong at Oklahoma. I guess I should expect this much from a politician.

    The real reason why UT owns the Big 12 is because OU didn’t know how to battle and negotiate over the media opportunity that ended up in UT’s hands and marked the true end of a strong Big 12, when schools started peeling away.

    What I read from Boren’s interview… UT will continue to control the Big 12. The Longhorn Network will not be challenged by the rest of our league because OU (one of the dominant schools) doesn’t know how to take the battle to UT.

    Boren should be spending his time building relationships with the other members of the Big 12. Instead, he only builds his power through threats. He could easily lead all other schools not named UT to a bargaining agreement with UT to dismantle the Longhorn Network for a better league network, but Boren shows his weakness to form alliances and negotiate properly.

    For gosh sake… when will he finally retire?

    David Boren realignment rhetoric should keep Big 12 on edge

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