Why I'm looking forward to next year.

  • Oregon Had a choice of who they wanted to game plan against, not Josh, not Frank, no, - The Baby Faced Assassin. Click on the picturel


  • Graham Newman Vick is saaaaallllty. Gonna get some buckets.

  • I’m most excited to see Udoka back on the floor. He looked so good last season. He should absolutely dominate the paint this year, starting in Italy. RCJH

  • Think of the Pick-Up games going on in Lawrence next month between these guys and our present squad.


  • @wrwlumpy

    Love them using footage of the ISU game for EJ. Keep trollin them clones.

  • I’m always excited about it, even if I think we are taking a step back (don’t believe we are) like 09 or 06. This is Kansas friends, basketball and crab cakes that’s what Kansas does!!!

  • I don’t see any weaknesses. Let’s say Preston clears- then you have a 4 with size with superior ball handling skills. With Doke. And Devonte’s best year, and Newman’s breakout, and Vick’s breakout. Maybe Svi’s breakout, too. Defensively, we’ll look alot better, and I don’t see us having any trouble scoring.

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