Man Penn State

  • Man I tell ya what. You take a look around the Nation some of the things that has taken place on College Campus. I mean not trying to justify one from the other, Our situation that is happening is bad with the alleged rape - still going on BUT.

    This crap that’s taken place at Penn State I believe right? - -This fat house that hazed the 19 yr old - -having him and the gauntlet. - -I mean this kid fell multiple times -fell down a flight of stairs - -had a Alchol content of 4.0 - - -a fricken 4.0. passed out on the couch and these guys did NOTHING for like 4o minutes. - -then they goggled to see what to do for a unconscious man. - -BEFORE they decided to call for help. - - WTF. Plus this is not the first time this fraternity has had issues - -twice before. Now the university has ban kegs inn dorms/frats umm tell that to this kids parents - -well there will be no more kegs -that’s great, does that help bring the kid back? I mean you stand over the guy and just look at him and tell one another not to tell the authorities about him falling down the stairs Are you kidding me? - -JUMPIN - -GEE- - HOSSA - -FATS - -come on. 4.0 content.

    They said on the news now 18 people been arrested in connection and hundreds of charges well we know that’s not true but ya know, all the way from tampering with evidence to manslaughter.

    Again I just read the article but having brain fade - I know it’s Penn State -you combine that with what happened with Paterno and that what was his name Jerry Mclusky right?

    The we have the whole Waco thing at Baylor - -All the women and rapes - entertaining recruits multiple rape by groups of guys multiple times.

    What the hell is happening at these Colleges? have we all lost total control of what take place? as was mentioned as to what they are called what the hell has happened to the RA’S? - where are these college’s failing to make the grade?

    What has happened to moral and character of these kids? So we by far are not the only one that’s having issues - it’s happening all over – -seems to be more and more - then how much/many more episodes are going un reported? It about makes me sick. -

    hen you have the player Mixon that everyone was having kittens about on draft night and what had happened with him - -I mean come on - -someone better get a grip somehow on these kids. - these things seem to be spreading like wild fire. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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