The math of scholarship offers

  • I jusr read on the star ku app that Bill is handing out scholarship offers like Halloween candy. Anyone know how the math on this works. Is thete a ratio of offers to scholies available? Does he offer like mad until thete are 13 takers? Appreciate any insight on how this equation works.

  • @Fightsongwriter

    It’s common for Self to extend that many offers. I think last year they handed out over 30. Cast the net wide, see who bites and recruit from there. Self can’t be selective like the other elite recruiting schools.

  • Self currently has 32 offers extended in the 2018 class. 30 if we subtract the two who already committed to schools.

    We know he can’t sign all 30, he won’t even get 3-4 from the looks of it.

    Best bets so far are Grimes and Dotson based on how much early recruiting the staff has done with those. Likely to get 1 of them if we are lucky after getting Charlie Moore.

    Definitely need bigs and a top SF would be another need.

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