The Importance Of Markieff

  • Markieff’s injury could swing the whole series between the Wizards and Hawks:


    Marfieff is critical to the success of his team. Washington started the game on a 20-0 run and after Markieff was gone the team fell apart.

  • Washington doesn’t really have any frontcourt depth. Morris and Gortat were the only big men to play more than 20 mpg during the regular season. Wizards have to go small without Markieff because their other options are not very good. Boston may try to go big to punish Washington for going small since the Wizards literally have one decent healthy big man at this point.

    Still, Wall is playing the best he has in his entire career, so he may be able to lift the Wizards while Morris is out.

  • Seems to have worked out well, those twins being separated. Now they can each grow up and develop independently rather than clinging, each for half maturity.

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