Royals vs. Sox game 3

  • This will be our only highlight of the season. Sox sweep. Royals looked pretty dead. Not gloating (well maybe just a little) but I’m sure things will revert to normal next week in KC.

  • The Cubs won the World Series…the Cubs won the World Series…Yeah…they are world champions!!!

  • That’s the problem. The Royals have reverted back to their normal selves…

  • nitwit said:

    The Cubs won the World Series…the Cubs won the World Series…Yeah…they are world champions!!!

    Not sure if that is a taunt, but I’ll say, if it is, what took you so long? 🙂

  • @dylans the problem is that Dayton hasn’t capitalized on trade value. Several times.

    • Wade Davis. Closers were getting outrageous hauls at last years deadline. We wait and wait and then Davis gets hurt before we can trade him. Instead of landing a top prospect and 3 ok prospects, we land one ok prospect in Soler.
    • Lorenzo Cain. Pretty confident Cain will struggle to play 100 games and hit .300 this year. But, other teams would have taken the gamble that he would have. Could have gotten a couple of decent prospects for him this offseason. Now we have to hope that he can stay healthy until July and hit around .300. If he doesn’t, his value is going to dip.
    • Hosmer, I think that this one should be clear. Unload the supposed $200m man at the deadline last year. In the middle of a career power year, we could have unloaded him to the Blue Jays, Rangers or Mets. And it would have been a monster haul because they would have gotten to have him this year too. We are talking easily 4 prospects.
    • Ian Kennedy, he is a bargain right now. Initially it looked like his contract was terrible, but he has over performed at this point. They are saying he probably won’t accept his player option after this season and can get more on the open market. Which means he has some serious value to teams. But not as a down the stretch guy. You don’t bring in Kennedy to get you over the edge. You bring him in at the beginning of the season because he is a 3.50 ERA guy for 200 innings. He is a steady hand that you roll out there every 5 days. Not a Johnny Cueto that you bring in to put you over the top. We could have unloaded him this offseason because the free agent market for pitchers was so weak. Probably for 3 or 4 prospects. If we paid half of his salary this year, maybe 4 or 5. That was how bad free agent pitchers were this offseason.

    Small market clubs don’t have the luxury to take risks on years where they only have a 3% chance of making the playoffs. They have to make trades when they can. And then be patient until the stars align and they can go for a championship. And you CAN’T let your players become free agents. They either need to be resigned or traded off before they have no value. As a small market club, you should never let a player go to free agency without something in return. If Hosmer is on our roster at the end of this season and we lose him to free agency, Dayton Moore should be fired. Simple as that.

  • No way the Royals retain Homer with the agent he has. Boras gets top dollar as you eluded.

    I didn’t think Johny Cuento was a good move by the Royals. He didn’t pitch well except once in the World Series. And they gave up way to much for him and the utility hitter they borrowed that season. Shouldn’t have paid Gordon that much either.

    It is sad watching the Royals take their strength - a dominate bullpen and trade it away for crap. Now they have no calling card. They are not good at any one thing. They don’t even play passionately anymore.

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