Royals vs ChiSox -- Game 2

  • Yeah, I’m back for more torture. Duffy (2-0, 1.32 era) vs Covey (0-1, 7.84 era). Just from the era stat you would think maybe the Royals bats will get hot tonite. More than likely the Royals will help Covey lower his era and even out his win/loss record. Well, I’m off to the shower and will be back at 7:10 CT for the game.

  • The Royals scored in their first, but then they did that last nite. Haven’t seen much to cheer me up yet. Prior to tonite’s game Covey only had 2 SO’s on the season. In 2 innings tonite he already has 3. Royals 1 - 0

  • ChiSox tie it up their half of the 2nd after Duffy let a phantom balk call get to him.

  • @brooksmd nice dble by wheels- moose

  • Foul?

  • LoCain hangin tough.

  • @brooksmd hoz needs to grow his Mohawk back out? Something

  • Mullet?

  • Shock!😳💪💨⚾️

  • Hey Gordo got a hit. :clap:

  • Royals get a run. Royals 2 - 1

  • Duff got really mad huh?

  • Hi. What’s going on with the Royals are they sliding back into a 30 year drought after their glory years? Reminds me of the Sox after their 2005 win.

  • Ya its been pretty hard to watch early this year. Last year it was the pitching, now these guy couldnt hit the ball with a tennis racket.

  • Its time for Dayton to start negotiating trade deals on Hoz, Cain and some pitchers, lets load up the farm system.

  • @AsadZ I think we have to wait on a few of these guys. Hoz has almost no trade value at this moment unless someone on another team gets injured. If Cain can continue what he’s been doing, he is the type of guy you hold on until the deadline because every single team in the playoff race would want him. Teams would trade for him just so others wouldn’t get him. Vargas could get traded right now for quite a bit. He is pitching great and a lot of teams could use a lefty in their rotation. We need to trade him before he breaks down again. Hammel and Kennedy don’t have great value quite yet. As the deadline approaches, if one or both is around a 3.00 ERA their value will skyrocket. Trades are as much timing as anything.

    But a few phone calls sure wouldn’t hurt.

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