Royals vs ChiSox -- Game 1

  • Royals didn’t make their starter work too hard in the 1st. Three up and down on 6 pitches. Gordo saves the day for Vargas catching up to a line drive to the lf wall for the final out with runners on 1st and 2nd. After 1 it’s zip-zip.

  • Quick end to the scoreless innings by Vargas with a shot over the rf wall by Davidson. After 2 ChiSox 1 - 0

  • Royals tie it up after Whit reaches on an error and a sinking liner off the bat of Moose is misplayed by the rf allowing Whit to score from 1st.

  • A throwing error on Moose, a stolen base and a single gives the lead back to the ChiSox. After 3 it’s 2 - 1.

  • Hey Brooksie. How they looking? Signs of life?

  • After 4 it’s still 2 - 1. Besides strike outs by Salvy and Gordo nothing really to mention.

  • No life!

  • In Toronto, Kendry Morales is hitting .254 as their DH, while Moss is tearing it up with a .128 helped along by 2 SO’s so far tonite in 2 ab’s.

  • Adding 2 in the 5th, it’s ChiSox 4 - 1.

  • @approxinfinity I guess if you call walking back and forth from the dugout to the plate to the dugout signs of life.

  • Ouch! Got any young guys that make the process enjoyable?

  • They are being efficient at the plate tonite. One run on one hit. Where the ChiSox have had to get 7 hits for their 4 runs.

  • Yo, Sox got a nice little game game going. This Gonzalez has been a great find for the team.

  • @approxinfinity Uhhhhhhh, no.

  • @wissox Right now my 11 yr old nephew could put a hurt on the Royals bats.

  • This is a strange season for me. The Sox got rid of Eaton and Sale to start the rebuild. It’s far from over. Basically everyone is trade bait right now. Losing means higher draft picks and there’s apparently some superstar waiting as the top pick. But we’ve still got enough talent to win some games. Been around .500 so far. Winning means guys value goes up and then they’re traded. Not sure whether to cheer for wins or losses.

  • Well the ChiSox have doubled their score, 8 - 1, and still only 1 out in the 6th. I got better things to do. Who knows, maybe if I quit watching the R’s might win. I did say “might”. ttfn

  • @wissox I’m enjoying Eaton. At the time of the trade I thought we gave up too much. I never really saw much from Giolito though he was the higher rated prospect. Was fine dealing him, but Reynaldo Lopez I thought was going to be a beast. Esp. since our bullpen is shaky and felt he was on his way to being a 1 inning shut down guy, either as closer or set up man. Hope you get that out of him.

  • @brooksmd hm. think the Royals will start the rebuild at the trade deadline?

  • @brooksmd this could ruin our summer!

  • @approxinfinity Adam Eaton is a nice scrappy type. Really excited about the pitchers we got in that trade.

  • @approxinfinity I think once they are 10 games back. At a $127M payroll, I’m sure that Glass will force Dayton’s hand sooner than later.

    Baseball prospectus has us at a 3.1% chance to make the playoffs… Or the 2nd least likely team to make the playoffs. I think it is probably smart for Dayton to start laying the groundwork for trades right now. If we play this right, we are talking about having another playoff contender in 2 or 3 years.

    Moose, Cain, Hos, Vargy, Hammel and Kennedy should fetch us enough prospects to catapult us into the top 15 farm systems. Hererra is under control for next year no matter what, but that makes him very valuable as well. Don’t be surprised to see him go. He could potentially fetch 2 or 3 top prospects at the deadline. If we do a full-blown fire sale like I hope we do, don’t be surprised if everyone moves. I could see Gordon moved for a mid-level prospect and us paying part of his salary the next two seasons. Esky could even be gone if a playoff contender has an injury at SS. I don’t see anyone but Salvy, Duffy and Soler as safe.

  • @approxinfinity Pretty good chance. Too bad they wasted all that money re-signing Gordon long term last year. Hasn’t done squat since.

  • @brooksmd sweet. When the rebuild happens I’ll try to keep up with you guys. I enjoy a good rebuild. I’m no longer a Red Sox fan (was one growing up) but when they did the rebuild a few years back I enjoyed watching the trials by fire [with my dad] of the young guys. Jackie Bradley, Mookie Betts. Going from “are they good enough to play MLB?” to all star is a few years is a hell of thing.

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