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  • Well good morning my KU Bucket friends. Just sittin here this morning and debating back and forth do I want to continue to sit here in front of the computer , OR do I need to go mow my yard - -Answer I need to mow my yard , So I think I will continue to sit here in front of my computer lol.

    Na for real just a couple of random things - - One, my thinking NOW is starting to lean a little more that MAYBE we do have some kind of shot with Tilmon. - - -At first I thought it was a no brainer he was ending up at Mizzery, but I have since begun to wonder , I would have thought it would of been pretty easy decision and he would of already announced for them - -yet still nothing. Has anyone heard ANYTHING at all recently. It’s been like I think two weeks since he visited Mizzery now right & Coach visited him? Just think the longer it goes the better chance we might have Sure could use him to back Udoka.

    Same goes with the Moore kid , I know there was the story about him committing here then they retracted the story , anymore on him? - - Do we REALLY want him? Hope we just not looking for warm bodies to fill the roster. - - Bottom line his dad had a stroke still recovering and the reason he pulled out of Cal was he wanted to be closer to his dad. - - -I think he ends up at Illinois , but I wouldn’t get THAT upset if he did, but just curious where he stands , or his latest status. I think if SVI doesn’t come back we have TWO SCHOLI’S RIGHT Josh’s and then SVI - - Man we sure could use another big from somewhere to help out.

    Still haven’t heard anything more on Juiston. Word has it that with the Lawson’s coming here that pretty well did us in for him BUT till I see where he announced always that hope - -I think he would be really sweet here, I know his coach said he was aware of the Lawson’s coming and that was a concern BUT they sit this year so he comes this year plays and then next year he still have his spot There isn’t anyway both Lawson’s going to be starting here.

    Then lastly -LOL you would think the world was coming to an end , the Kentucky posters posting about Diallo declaring for the NBA draft lol, poor things they coming all un glued really bagging on him for taking the coaches time away from the other players using their facilities and giving them nothing back in return lmao - -definetly a Kodiak moment - -gotta love it. others saying they have to find another guard or they gonna be in trouble - -OOOPS that breaks my heart.

    Welp that’s all my friends let me know you hear anything, I’m back to my debate - -Mow or not to Mow lol. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I can tell you that the silence with Tilmon is concerning to me. If we can’t get him on campus we aren’t going to be landing him.

  • Tilmon, meh, not too excited about him. Read a lot of negative stuff on him from Illini fans, granted after he’d jilted them for a 2nd time, but he just seems to be problematic.

  • @wissox Like you say AFTER he jilted them - - always amuzes me how before OH YA what the stud huge pickup, then when he asks for his release he becomes a piece of crap. Never heard anything before but NOW and like hundreds and hundreds of people have said from all over when it comes to things like this. - -Coaches come and go at the drop of a hat and leave players that committed to them , because of them and nothing happens - Things shouldn’t be any different for a player, you CHANGE Coach then the player should absolutely be given his release no questions asked.

    That player came to that School because of a particular coach if he leaves, where does that leave the player? No way should a player be bound to that school, he has EVERY right to with draw from that school if that coach that recruited him to come there is no longer there, people like these Illinois people kill me so laughable when he decides he wants out of his LOI. - Not one word bad about him BEFORE he ask out - -hmmmm what’s wrong with that picture? - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @wissox I think he is the perfect multi-year college center. Big and athletic. But not so big and so athletic he is OAD. He would put in good backup minutes this year and then be THE guy down low the next.

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