• Found this part interesting:

    Juiston’s 446 total rebounds this past season were third most in team history. His 12.1 boards per game average tied Ben Davis (1994) for sixth on the season list. His 67 blocks were seventh most in team season history.

    Ben Davis played for KU 1991-1992. He left Kansas to go to Florida, then asked Roy to let him come back, which Roy denied.


    Ben Davis went on to get picked 43rd overall in the 1996 NBA Draft by the Phoenix Suns but never played in the NBA.

    It’ll be interesting to see what Self might do with a player of comparable talents, coming from the same JUCO, since we’ve been comparing Roy’s time at KU vs Self’s of late.

  • Though I guess it wouldn’t be a fair comparison. Davis did that at Hutchison after leaving Kansas. Juiston is doing this before. I wonder if Juiston is talking to Davis.

  • What I like especially about this kid: He did not fold during the National JC Championship. Produced like a Frank Mason right to the very end of his eligibility.

  • Do we really believe that there is a chance that Juiston will end up here? - -I thought that was settled and discussion over with when it was mentioned that we were pretty well dead after the Lawson’s committed to KU. Not sure why we still talking about this - -that ship has sailed , been many , many others saying the same - -even his coach was saying it was a concern about the Lawson’s being here seeing as how he only has 2 yrs of eligibility to work with - -better chance of him ending up at Rhode Island closer to home for him and I guess he has some connections there former Coaches or whatever. Don’t really think there is a chance he will end up here - Hell I even thought he would end at Iowa State before here - they saying the same thing and they had been recruiting him the longest of anyone. – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I thought Juiston was going to Iowa St?

  • @Lulufulu Ya so did they, not even Iowa St fans are talking like they are not holding their breath , like he will end up somewhere else. - -Iowa St worried he might land at UNLV after he took his visit there, and now there is talk about Rhode Island bein in the game who knows - but for sure not banking on KU for him at all. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Recruiting not over til it is over. Juiston immediately eligible. Lawsons a year away.

  • @REHawk Juiston not wanting to compete against them when they are eligible. - His Juco Coach saying Juiston was aware of them coming and that was a concern. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Ah, heck, and here I had begun to view Juiston as a very competitive recruit. Well, so be it. The Lawsons have impacted our program before ever playing in the Phog.

  • I’m all over this young man. He fits our need for a “utility big” - small and nimble enough to play some minutes at the swing, strong and physical enough to even fill in at the 5 (when needed).

    What I like about him is his “edge.” He has a natural chip. Frank had a natural chip, too. We need at least one guy on our team that carries a big chip and never stops while on the court.

    There was a recent article at KUSports about how Frank impacted other players. Frank did so much more than just produce off his finger tips…

    Juiston might be the next Frank!

  • @drgnslayr that’s why I keep posting his awards! I wish we could get him.

  • REHawk said:

    @jayballer54 Recruiting not over til it is over. Juiston immediately eligible. Lawsons a year away.

    Exactly what I was thinking. He could come in and establish himself and then it would be up to the Lawson’s to take it away from him the following year. If he’s really that competitive.

  • Any player too scared to come in to earn their minutes can go down the road with Trae Young. If Juiston is up to the challenge he will have ample opportunity to play.

  • Here’s what is interesting to me about the Juiston kid, rivals shows that only us and ISU are the D1 schools after him but ISU hasn’t offered him yet but it says we have. With only one scholarship left and not knowing a 100% where Duval is going, he could be on a stand still from Self on actually committing to us. The fifth wheel in this equation is the PG transfer from Cal that is considering us aswell, which would eat up that final scholarship too. I’d say one we get one of these 3, unless Svi goes pro which would open up 2 spots…

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