• well just read , that Carlton has his eyes on five Schools. - - - - Arizona State, - - Cincinnati , Illinois , North Carolina State , & Xavier.

    I just hope for him , that he can get his fresh start land on his feet and find himself and get back to enjoying life/ball. I DON’T have any ill feelings about the kid , I’ll never forget his freshman year - -man what a smile , likeable kid , seemed to be loving life - -loving KU. - -He just messed up - -who hasn’t at one point or another? I wish nothing but the best for him and hope he can get some normality back in his life.

    Good Luck buddy - -Wishing nothing but the best where ever he lands. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • If he is willing to work hard I think going to Illinois under Underwood and transforming into a monster would make a hell of a story.

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