Tarik black

  • Tarik was a marvelous graduate transfer to our program. What a fine job he did, contributing to another league title season and helping Joel progress. Bill Self and assistants unearth some really productive transfers. I hope the Lawsons work out well and that they become a Jayhawk franchise family, what with younger brothers and relatives in the pipeline. More Memphis connections.

  • @REHawk thrilled he is having success and spreading it around! Huge blessing!

  • My favorite Tarik

  • @brooksmd Nice … My favorite Tarik Black, really, is just listening to the guy talk. Well spoken and clearly a guy with leadership abilities. One of those players that would have been a perfect four year guy for Bill Self. Wish we had him longer.

  • @HighEliteMajor :+1: X 1000 Deserves more than just 1 up vote. Loved the kid and like you I agree his time here was far too short. But he was a great senior leader for the team.

  • I’m happy for Tar! Congrats, man!

    His outstanding attitude rubs off on the game and the game can really use more Tars!

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