NBA - - playoffs

  • Well , not going to say I will follow every minute BUT nice to know we ( KU ) will have 6 playing in the play offs this season , might watch a bit

    Our 6 players are: Paul & the clippers - -vs Jeff & the Jazz. - - Paul is ONE year short of 20 yrs in the NBA pretty good career. - - Nick will be in again with the Thunder. - hard to believe he has been in for 14 years - -has played in 91 playoff games.

    The other 4 KU players in the playoffs this yr are: Wayne with the Grizzles, - - Markeiff & Kelly with Bullets. - - -these 4 players are all in their 1st year of playoffs - -Got to pull for the old man - -Love Paul Pierce - -probably be a short run but who knows. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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