Andrea Hudy

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  • @Blown

    I’m curious if she is still involved with performance studies? If so… what is she finding?

    A few years ago, our basketball program decided to study March performances and the possibility to improve in March.

    I do believe we actually experienced some of their methods to improve March performances this year. Even though we seemed fatigued in our loss to Oregon (which may be for other reasons), we looked very fresh in the 3 games leading up to Oregon and we had a short bench with our guards racking up huge minutes all year.

    Bill learned some tricks on how to save our legs… reduced contact practices and other restrictions.

    I think it made a positive impact. More to come in this area soon.

    One thing we will have to really grasp better next year is Devonte Graham’s cramping issue. There are so many great tips and tricks these days for cramps. Plus… plenty of studies info showing the impact duration and other important tidbits.

    Unfortunately, one piece of knowledge that has expanded concerning cramping relates to genetic factors. Relationships have been discovered but exact genetic tracings are still in the works.

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