March Madness options without cable?

  • If I missed a previous posting on this topic then I’m sorry to bring this up again. BUT. Does anyone know, or has anyone read anything yet about what the NCAA and CBS have planned for making March Madness games available on internet next month? I don’t have cable and I’m trying to decide whether to subscribe because it seems like they make it more difficult to access the games every year. I’d appreciate links to any articles. I went on the NCAA website but couldn’t find anything and when I googled it I only found 2013 information. Thanks.

  • @JayhawkFan1954 will have links to games for your computer. Some sites ask that you log on via your cable company but not all. I know a lot of bars are going to the minimum bar tab is you want to sit in the bar all day. That way you are not just ordering an iced T and getting free refills all day. I don’t blame them, I have worked in that industry and there is nothing worse than a guy that won’t leave and won’t spend money and is taking up a spot that someone else could spend money at. Cable for a month might not be a bad idea, but you could try apple TV, or maybe even google play I think it’s called. That or find a friend who will allow you to bring some food over and you can watch it there.

  • Nowadays, there is an Internet stream for most every game, and I expect the NCAA would have even more options. This how I got to watch the KU games that were blacked out early in the season. You just have to be careful as many of the sites are nothing more than virus factories.

    As @JRyman mentioned, I believe that CBS streams all the games, you just have to sign in to their site but it not a big deal. I am not sure what is the protocol for early round games that other networks broadcast.

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