Royals Home Opener -- Oakland vs KC -- Game 1

  • Just got home and turned the game on. Let’s go Royals :clap: :clap::clap:

  • GO Rawls!

  • Well there ya go. I turn the game on and Oakland hits a 2 run hr. A’s 2 - 0

  • A’s using Kennedy for bp here in the 4th. Single, hr and now a double. No outs.

  • Kennedy having a hard time finding the corners. Either outside, middle or inside.

  • Or dirt.

  • A’s bailed him out with an inning ending dp.

  • Royals strand Cain at second in their half of the 4th. Still A’s 2 - 0

  • Three SO’s shuts down the R’s in the bottom of the 5th.

  • Again the R’s strand a runner at 2nd. After 6 it’s still A’s 2 - 0

  • Gotta go work on the kitchen. BRB

  • Welp, last chance for the R’s. Moose leads off.

  • Moose SO, one out and Cain up.

  • Cain walks, Hos up.

  • Hos SO. Salvy last chance.

  • Comeon MOSS. Time to be the new hero of KC!

  • Salvy singles, Cain to third. Gore to run for Salvy and Moss the hitter.

  • Moss SO, game, set and match. First KC opening game shutout since 1971.

  • Not a good sign

  • @brooksmd Thank you for the updates. Sorry it was a downer result for the home opener!

  • @brooksmd 2-0?

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