Nice article on Selden.

  • Really glad. Selden is a warrior and if he can find a routine that keeps him in good health and maintains his hops, he absolutely could be a meaningful rotation player for a while.

  • @chriz Thanks for sharing the article. Heck, I thought Wayne stuck with the Pelicans. Great to read that the Grizzlies did hang onto his services and have called him up for remainder of season. I have not kept up with NBA wins and losses, but assume that Memphis will make the playoffs beginning April 14? If so, we might get opportunity to see Selden in action.

  • Actually Selden signed a multi year contract. Their coach said he has the perfect 2 guard body for the NBA, and that he reminds him of Dwayne Wade. Praised his professionalism, athleticism, & basketball IQ. They had him in summer league and D-League affiliation. He was arguably one of the top 5 performers in the D-League this year. Wayne has also put injury concerns to rest for the moment with all the Dunk of the Year highlights he had this year. With the Pelicans scooping him up for 10 days and him playing well there. Selden did enough to scare Memphis into making a long term commitment, and not letting the dream prototypical 2 guard who’s playing well as a rookie slip away.

  • @madmaxKU Terrific news, thanks. Do you have word to share on Cheick Diallo’s progress? Or Perry Ellis?

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