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  • Perhaps a good retrospective moment to go back and consider what set the standard, under our current coach & his style of basketball. As Self has said: “the tape (gamefilm) doesnt lie”, watch the April 5 & April 7, 2008 games in sequence, preferrably…for all the little truths, that add up to dominance capability over almost any other program. So, analytically, enjoy.

    A 4-hr microcosm or CliffNotes on the desired philosophy. Failure can teach, yes…but success can not only validate a path, but also serve as a blueprint or metric to judge subsequent attempts down the same path.

  • @ralster Best ball movement I’ve ever seen under Self. Definitely Bill’s most complete team.

    If Bill’s first team of Roy’s players had bought in earlier he could have another ring. That’s his second most complete team he’s had in my opinion.

    The Morri were his best high-low tandem, but that team was flawed in the guard department.

  • @dylans I do also wonder occasionally how different KU history might be had Roy stayed for 2 more seasons because that team and Self’s Illinois team he left were the two most talented rosters along with UNC’s during that time period. Roy would’ve had a legitimate chance at 4 straight Final Fours with that core of Miles, Langford, and Simien for 2004 and 2005 and would’ve been the runaway favorite to with the 2004 title.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 There was talk, afterwards, that some guys on that 2005 team did not like others. Chemistry problems. Any idea what that was?

  • @Hawk8086 Chemistry issues were probably Roy’s guys clashing with Self’s recruits, CJ Giles and Alex Galindo specifically. Not uncommon for situations. Had Roy hung around, that chemistry issue is non existent beacuse Roy likely wouldn’t have signed Giles or Galindo along withthe rest of the class which included RussRob, Kaun, and D-Jax

  • Culture change.

  • I have always thought that Self’s second season at KU was hampered at season’s end by a couple of significant factors. Langford was somewhat hobbled; the starters as a whole had played so many minutes that they ran out of gas in the Tourney. Freshman Robinson’s ongoing battle with Self led to benching, so senior Miles had to exert max energy until his tongue was hanging into his shoestrings. That said, the theory that Roy might have gone further both years into the Tournament with those guys is legitimate. After all, the stars WERE his recruits. As for the Illinois program which Self abandoned, just look what Weber did with those kids of Bill’s. We can only imagine the glory which Bill might have reaped from staying with that bunch. But we can’t forget, Bill’s second KU season was the first of our 13 year run of league titles!

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