So , I need some help here

  • Ok , so I am having some trouble grasping some things here , and looking for some help , some answers , feedback. - - -Just got through watching Good OL Roy Boy when what his 3rd National Championship at UNC ? With this , it just leaves me shaking my head - - -wondering.

    WTH? - - I just don’t understand , or comprehend , HOW is it Good Ol Roy was here at what 14-15 yrs , can’t rmember which - -thinking 15 yrs right? - - So how or why is it , he is here that length of time and acheives NO titles , and yet goes to UNC and whens like 3 in the same span of time?

    I really don’t think anyone can really justify that the players he has had at UNC is/was THAT much beter then what we have / or had here at KU. Especially this year , you can’t tell me that the players he had o this team is bete then KU’S squad. - -He really hasn’t had alot of OAD’S during his time at UNC - -true , sure he ha had some , but he for sure is not a OAD factory machine say like Duke. He ha had alot of 3 yr and even such as this yr 4 yr players- -One example not the only example but look at Kennedy Meeks for example just another 4 year player with Roy - - Justin Jackson for sure ya pretty good player , BUT in no way is he that much better then the players if he was better then our group this year. - - Isn’t ummm can’t think of their name right at the moment thier PG ( Berry ) is that right? - You gonna tell me he is bete then Frank , and isn’t he a SR ? even if not another 3 year player. This has been the case in previous years , although they have had very good teams , I just don’t see where the overall talent of their teams of Good Ol Roy has been that much better then ours here at KU.

    So this is where I’m having the trouble , if he can get it done like that at UNC - -then why not here. I’m just not buying the fact of not being able to recruit here, not buying that. - -Agai refere back to the fore mentioned I am not buyin the fact that their players have sttod head and shoulders above ours, nope , nope , nope , So why the failure of Championship here? I will still take Bill anytime over Roy - - BUT just curious. One last thing on a seperate note - - Got to give Gonzaga a little more credit then what I thought. - -Guess they were actually a little better then I gave them. - -I was running with the theory like the media about - -weak conference, not having played anyoen during the year well a couple but for the most part. Bottom line is - -Dough Boy, had trouble playing against Meeks and the boys, still a good year. – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    We know Roy is a very good coach. Probably used a lot of his heartbreaks at KU as motivation, has been a great teaching tool for himself since he’s been at UNC. Roy’s had some off-years but has made up for them with 3 titles and a heartbreaking runner-up.

    One thing lost in the shuffle with Roy is he’s always liked to play with tempo and get up and down the court. And now the game has shifted in his favor, shorter shot clock, scoring is up, freedom of movement with the ball etc. So it’s no surprise that Roy’s proven system has thrived with all the rule changes.

    He’s a great recruiter as well, especially with convincing some of those highly rated kids to come back and enjoy the College Experience. Lucky for sure, but he’s great at getting the most out of his kids. Kennedy Meeks was better suited to playing Offensive Line when he came to UNC and look what motivation and coaching did to him.

    I tip my hat to Roy

  • @jayballer54 We’ll win one next year. Notice the final two teams had frontlines? We have a front line now.

  • @KUSTEVE Gary Parrish Top 25 and One for next year:


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