My Royals This Year

  • We do our draft like making a sandwich - we do 12 rds AL, and 12 rounds NL. My first Royal was in the 3rd round of the AL, and I chose Lorenzo Cain. I like the offseason reports of the exercise program Cain is trying in order to stay on the field. Combine that with this being Cain’s free agent year, well folks, that’s simply a slice of fantasy baseball heaven. Tell me what other team anywhere is going to allow a stolen base maven hit in the 3rd spot in the batting order ( other than Trout and Altuve )??? That’s some tall cotton we’re in here, folks. That’s break out year city, simply by getting more abs.

    Then I got Nate Karns as a monster waiver wire pick up, and I’m as giddy as a school girl over that one. A Royal leading MLB in K’s? Probably not, but a Jethro can dream, can’t he? Those neck and back injuries took their toll on his fastball, which artificially inflated his whip and era. Just let the KC effect take place with this guy, and he could make the all-star game. The KC effect happens to mediocre pitchers where they suddenly have the best defense, and the best bullpen in baseball, pitching in a cavern that especially helps flyball pitchers like Karns. And oh my goodness, can this guy strike em out. I picked him up when KC sent Merrifield down, and couldn’t be happier.

  • @KUSTEVE First pitch in the Twin cities is now less than an hour away. FSKC has their one hour season opening special on now. My how swiftly our seasons change. These guys have morphed from kids who learned the ropes together for years & then tried to get it done, to become World Champs & All Stars that forced people to stop then take notice, to seasoned veterans & grown men grieving over the loss of their brother. And now this year striving for one more great season for KC fans to savor before the journey of life takes them their separate ways. Thanks for all your efforts & dedication men. It’s been a job very well done. ROCK CHALK ROYALS !! GO KC.

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