Game #1 - Twins 3:10 PM

  • I’m gong to try to keep an eye on it at work.

    Duffy vs. Santatana

    • Gordon - LF
    • Moose - 3B
    • Cain - CF
    • Hosmer - 1B
    • Salvy - C
    • Moss - DH
    • Orlando - RF
    • Escobar - SS
    • Mondesi - 2B

    I am more than happy to see Gordo leading off instead of Escobar. Gordon will actually take a pitch or two and walks about 10X more than Esky. I hate Moose as the 2nd hitter because he can’t run or steal a base. Rather see him switched with Hosmer or Orlando. That way if we have 2 outs and they are on 1st, we can try to swipe a bag and get in scoring position. But Ned does what Ned does and somehow it works. I also don’t like putting Orlando, Esky and Mondesi b2b2b. Not a lot of pop out of those 3. Would rather put Orlando up a spot or 2 and let him get on base with someone who can drive him in behind him. But again, Ned does as Ned does.

    Anyways, here is to the start of what should be a special season. We should savor what time we have left with this core unit.

  • @Kcmatt7 Beat me. Was just gonna post today’s opening info for Royals game. Good job. :+1:

  • Spring Batting Averages

    • Gordon – LF .323

    • Moose – 3B .197

    • Cain – CF .261

    • Hosmer - 1B .172

    • Salvy – C .176

    • Moss – DH .267

    • Orlando – RF .288

    • Escobar – SS .290

    • Mondesi - 2B .333

  • Duffy gets the start for KC vs Santana for the Twins. Santana lost the opening day game last year and the Twins haven’t won an opening day game in 8 years. Let’s make it 9.

  • @brooksmd Hosmer did hit .385 in the WBC and Salvy hit .285. So neither of those look as bad. Moose is still concerning to me. I hope we platoon him with Cuthbert for lefty matchups until Moose definitely gets his groove back.

  • @brooksmd any 'Nados around you yesterday?

  • @Kcmatt7 Forgot about Hos and Salvy playing in the WBC.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Not that I know of. There was an area about 5 miles south of us that was under a watch for about 45 minutes early this morning. Got lotsa water though. Which being on a hilltop doesn’t worry me. Nawlins will wash away before we get flooded.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 My bride was late for work this morning as the Causeway bridge was closed due to water spouts, high winds and rain. After most of the storm had passed a tug captain on the lake reported that 2 barges had broken loose and were being blown towards the bridge. Bridge operators reported that radar showed the barges got within 1/4 mile before tug captured them.

  • Nothing exciting to report through the first 2 innings for the Royals bats. Duffy looked good the first inning.

  • @brooksmd anyone square the ball up?

    That Salvy - Moss back to back combo is going to be a double play nightmare all season.

  • Rushed home from work to watch the Sox get rained out. At least we won’t be in last place after today in this rebuilding year! Keeping an eye on Royals game due to free coverage this week on DirectTV

  • @brooksmd But da Moose calls are loud at Target Field as he goes deep to lead off the 4th. Can you say Royals 1-0 ? Yeeeaaaaah !!

  • 52 pitches & Sano takes the Duffster deep…1-1 bottom of 4.

  • Missed mooses hr. How close was Gordo and moose to running in to each other on the foul ball? On the radio👂

  • Okay, I’m back. Have been changing some valves in Delta faucets. Been listening though. Looks like Duff has one more inning in him. Well, maybe not after giving up 2 out walk.

  • Easy SO for final out. If anybody knows a simple way to replace the spring and boot in the bottom of Delta valves I’m all ears. @globaljaybird you should be an expert on that.

  • @brooksmd I bet he is!

  • Duffy looks good but it is only the Twinkies.

  • I bet that Dayton is kicking himself for not resigning Santana. Twins got him for pretty cheap, considering the numbers he has been putting up.

  • @brooksmd said:

    Spring Batting Averages

    • Gordon – LF .323

    • Moose – 3B .197

    • Cain – CF .261

    • Hosmer - 1B .172

    • Salvy – C .176

    • Moss – DH .267

    • Orlando – RF .288

    • Escobar – SS .290

    • Mondesi - 2B .333

    Perfect evidence that spring ball means nothing.

  • I hate the batting order, but I hate everything this past week! Today is the first day the sun has been out. Crappy bday for frank

  • @brooksmd

    Lots of videos on YouTube about it or you can use this link. I seem to recall that plumbers have a specialty tool that you can pick up at any decent hardware store that makes the removal that much easier.

  • @brooksmd Stem type valve? Can you get the stem out of the fixture? Should be a PDF on it somewhere?

  • @JayHawkFanToo The removal isn’t the hard part. Putting the spring in isn’t the hard part. It’s getting the rubber boot or seat down in the hole where the spring is.

  • @brooksmd

    I am thinking this is what one of the ends of the tool does…

  • @JayHawkFanToo What would work is a tube something like the sleeve used to put pistons in engine blocks.

  • @brooksmd I’m thinking u should have put that rubber seat in that thingy before u put that thingy in the hole?😉🤣

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That’s why you’re not a plumber. :wink:

  • @brooksmd I would have got the out at first!

  • Big fingers and small hole doesn’t help either. :blush:

  • @brooksmd tweezers?

  • @brooksmd at least I didn’t leave u like @globaljaybird did!

  • @brooksmd @JayHawkFanToo may be correct abt the stem removal tool. I have seen some that are that way, but mfg’s differ. If you have pics, is likely someone at a local hardware store can clue you in. NOT a box store but a real hardware store or even a plumbing supply. Most faucets are cartridge type now, so stem type repairs are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Hopefully you’re not working under a bath tub or behind a shower wall. Good luck. Straam may be gonna give this one away if Ned lets him…

  • @globaljaybird let’s google or as I prefer now, gaggle that tool!

  • @brooksmd Ya think da Cubs would take a couple of guys back that ain’t doin so hot this spring?

  • This BP isn’t impressing me Dayton…

  • @globaljaybird Naw I doubt it. They got what they wanted. Well at least Wood didn’t walk a run in. lol

  • @globaljaybird This vid will show you what I’m dealing with. Like I mentioned, it’s that spring and rubber seat that goes in the hole at the bottom. Big fingers don’t help. The seat is just big enough around to not go in easy. What I do is try and apply pressure with a finger and then use the allen that takes the handle off to push the offending edge in enough to get the seat to seat.

  • Well fortunately this is the first game of a 162 game season. Long way to go.

  • Okay now, time for one of those famous Royal 9th inning rallies. Let’s go boys.

  • @brooksmd so minor looks good!

  • We’ll get’em Wed. Boys getting a much needed day off tmrw. Later all.

  • @brooksmd not feeling hopeful, you?

  • @brooksmd The video show a ceramic cartridge & not a traditional stem. My exp with those is that changing the cartridge stops the drip dang near all the time. It is either the cartridge itself or the O ring on the bottom of the cart that is usually the culprit. I did see the guy using grease on the seat but if it still will not go into the seat tube, it may be too large for that faucet. Those parts may be machined in tolerances in the hundredths. Plumbers grease may or may not work. Also get a damn good light in that pilot hole to make sure its clear.

  • @brooksmd

    Are you using a new rubber washer? it is possible the old one is pretty deformed and this is why it is not going in. The grease lubricates and help hold the spring in place and it should go in fairly easily.

  • I can’t wait to hear what worked!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Likely a real plumber…

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