• I really didn’t feel like doing this award, so I’ll make it brief. At first, I felt like planting a big goose egg on this one because of the lackluster effort put out by our Jayhawks in this loss.

    I could barely watch this game and I needed to take breaks in the first half in order to keep myself together. I mean, come on, watching this team jog back and forth to both ends of the court was was… I’m not even sure what to say.

    But time has passed, I’ve regained my sanity, and I realize Wayne Selden deserves plenty of credit for bringing game when so few others did. Wayne showed us that scoring was possible against this hungry Texas defense by scoring 21 points, more than any two other Jayhawks combined.

    Kudos to Joel Embiid and Frank Mason, too. Joel was our biggest (and only) counter to the dominant Texas interior. Somehow, Joel managed to snag 10 rebounds and just missed a double-double by two points. Frank put in a solid effort trying to create offense, and did so by himself, scoring 8 points in just 16 minutes of play.

    I had a feeling for some time that winning in Austin would probably be our toughest challenge in league play this year. We are still positioned well with only one loss. But I can’t help but criticize our effort today. I can’t let it slide. This had a bit of a feeling like the TCU game last year. Obviously, not quite to that level of awful… but watching our guys jogging around out there most of the game, and then standing around on the court as spectators made me want to toss lunch!

    On the positive side… maybe another loss will give us more hunger to improve and hustle in the future! I certainly hope so because if we bring an effort like today’s into March, we’ll be watching most of the tournament from Lawrence!

    Go ahead, Bill… break out the bullwhip!

    Rock Chalk!

    Conference Season Tally:

    Wayne Selden 3

    Perry Ellis 1

    Joel Embiid 2

    Frank Mason 1

    Andrew Wiggins 1

    Naadir Tharpe 1

    Tarik Black 1

  • @drgnslayr Nicely understated.

  • @drgnslayr completely understand, I can’t let it slide, nor find positives. Do you think he used the whip or carrot? Sounds like the carrot. What did you think about some of the calls? I never use that as an excuse! Just wanted your opinion.

  • WHY did the refs not see the total Slam to the ground of Embiid when he got tangled with the UT bruiser? When you watched it on the replay it was as ugly as I’ve ever seen.

    Last year against UT, our bigs got slammed with no calls as well…

    From then OUR game sucked so much I quit watching at the half. Wake up and leave this behind us.

  • JoJo, welcome to the world of bruiserball. Please solicit the very best from the offerings of Andrea Hudy, and spend the next 15 months in intense bodily preparation to defend and dish.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I thought the game was officiated horribly… giving Texas a bigger home court advantage. But no way am I going to blame officiating for the outcome of this game. Bill called it right… Texas wanted it more than we did! That showed as the obvious reason for 40 minutes.

    I could hardly believe the no call where Embiid got his arm caught in the Longhorn and thrown to the ground.

    But was this a game Self also didn’t want so badly? He had several opportunities on bad calls to get T’d up so he could fire up his troops and challenge the officiating…

    This is such a young team and there isn’t a clear leader of this team. Tharpe leads fine when everything is going well, but he disappears in games where we need a clear leader to show the way to younguns. Self will have to lead more from the bench. In games like this he has to find ways to push these guys, whether it be by carrot of bullwhip or both. Does anyone in here think Wayne got a pat on the butt for his efforts in this game during the game? I do like the coaches who stand up and clap while also yelling. That seems to be a good strategy of carrot/bullwhip! I usually only see bullwhip from Self. I’m not sure it is fair for my to be critical here because I’m not on the bench or in practices to see his methods. Obviously, in the whole he does a pretty good job!

    I think we all need to put our minds together on that other thread about motivation and competitiveness.

    Can we increase the competitiveness of these guys?

    I’ve never seen a Jayhawk team so laid back…

  • @drgnslayr appreciate your insight! Way to laid back for me too! I watched a lot of bb yesterday. Hard to believe we beat Duke earlier. Those were 2 highly skilled teams. I’ve said it a lot, but I miss Releford. Can Wayne be “that guy”? I just can’t understand how you can be so talented and not have fire in your heart? Still bummed! I’d like to see a replay of Embiid being thrown down again. What does it take to get a review? Seems like everyone we play reviews calls on us! Sucks!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I think Wayne could develop into the next Releford. Just remember back when Rele was a freshman. He wasn’t locking down like he did when he was a senior. And the rule changes make it even harder to do. I’m just not sure we will have Wayne for 5 years like we did Travis… or even 4. Wish he would stay that long!

    I think Wayne needs a committed summer with Hudy. He needs to drop a few pounds and work on strengthening his fast twitch. He has quickness… but not enough on his first step. Basketball is so much about a fast first step.

    But deep down I have nothing but positive intuition about Wayne and his future! He just needs to not be in a hurry to jump to the league!

  • @drgnslayr Man O Man, if we could draw Wayne and JoJo back for a second season…O My! Definitely would do both of them limitless good to latch onto another year of optimal seasoning. Unless, of course, a crucial injury should disrupt future professional play and earning power.

  • @drgnslayr yeah he does need to work w/Hudy. His wt could be a concern. They all could use more time w/her! I hope Self has figured a way to get thru to this group. Finesse family needs some mental toughness.

  • Selden was man of the match in my eyes. I felt he was trying to carry our team. Loved his efforts.

  • @Wishawk maybe he needs to LEAD now?

  • I think back to the ISU game when Embiid was whistled for a T when he pushed or grabbed Kane to maintain his balance after he was bumped. And then yesterday when nothing was called after he was thrown to the floor. Maybe the refs should have compared the 2 incidents before they made their no call.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Selden has the build of Smart. We had high hope for him before the season. He’s just now discovered his own game and gained a lot of confidence in the recent games. I’m not sure if he is ready to lead, but with his efforts there is no doubt he will continue to do well.

    If he comes back for a second year, I wouldn’t be surprised that he will gain the same stature like Smart and probably will do much better leading the team next year.

  • @Wishawk I don’t see anyone stepping up, love Nadiir but he disappears.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I wouldn’t criticize Tharpe too much for not driving into the trees. He is better at putting others in position to score than driving himself. But the problem last night was nobody was scoring except Selden. And both Selden and Mason drove, and drew fouls.

    I watched the game on TV and a couple of times the camera cut to Coach Self. I had a feeling he conceded the game well before the end. It was just not our night. I’m sure the team will bounce back and they may just take their anger out on Baylor.

  • @drgnslayr The outcome was so apparent from the beginning, I didn’t have my usual temper tantrum. This wasn’t a TCU loss. I think Embiid’s injury played a factor in our ineptitude in the paint. I would like to see him sit, even if it means we potentially lose another one, so he can get back to 100%. Clearly, he was not the same guy. No excuses, though. We were going through the motions- they played with fire. We lost. We’re 7-1 in conference. Parrish at CBS dropped us down in his 25 and 1 poll from 7th all the way down to … 8th.

  • @KUSTEVE " The outcome was so apparent from the beginning, I didn’t have my usual temper tantrum "

    After about 15 minutes, I went and worked a jigsaw puzzle. A stupid, terrible, hard, ignorant puzzle. But it was better than watching all THAT. But I didn’t lose my mind like I normally would.

    Silver linings…

  • @Wishawk agree, not criticizing Tharpe’s play, but think we need a vocal leader on the court. Tharpe was on the bench quite awhile too. I really hope we see a tougher team tues, and not a 3 game losing streak!

  • As jaybate says, this could have been a game where Self “let them labor”. Seeing us go zone looked like a conserve energy ploy, considering Baylor is on Tuesday, although there’s 2 days rest. Also, Self may have felt the kids needed focus, thus the smiles in the last 5min instead of red-faced Self.

    OR, most likely, Self saw we werent able to drop a shot in the ocean, so likely conceded that this was a “teaching” type of game. Kids heads got big after beating Duke, didnt they. This will certainly curb that.

  • Regarding the Duke/Syracuse game…I was pulling for Duke, to be honest. Fellow royalty program always wearing a target on their jersey (sound familiar?), and it was them vs. 35,000+. What a game that was. In the end, Syracuse made the plays, deserved the win, but Duke fought hard…

  • @brooksmd

    “I think back to the ISU game when Embiid was whistled for a T when he pushed or grabbed Kane to maintain his balance after he was bumped. And then yesterday when nothing was called after he was thrown to the floor. Maybe the refs should have compared the 2 incidents before they made their no call.”

    The difference between those calls… Kane flopped and acted hurt, Embiid did no acting. Had Embiid laid there hurt, and complaining… especially holding his head like he took a concussion from the fall… they would have looked at the monitor and gave him the call.

    March Madness is going to become “Sell Sadness” and run amuck with the Marcus Smart virus called “floparhea.”

    Something inside me says to take my holiday to a remote island without TV in March this year…

  • This year a lot of the games will be decided by the referees or the inconsistency of their calling. I’d like to see Coach implement a no shot at the rim policy. Use the 5 bigs to stop any attempt around the rim. Use controlled hard fouls to intimidate the opposing teams from driving at the hoop. Make the officials call one way or the other. Don’t give them any excuse to hand out technicals, but deal out the intimidation none the less.

  • @Wishawk

    The home cooking, refereeing wise is pretty apparent in conference play. ISU got a couple of [pretty bad calls against OSU and Smart had his share of flops. The one in OT near the end of the game was so outrageous that even the announcer were saying that he was “acting” which is a polite way of saying flopping.

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