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  • So in the 18 class these kids are all on the Adidas circuit: Zion, Grimes, Langford and McCormack.

    Odds are, KU won’t even make final cuts for Zion or Langford. Grimes is a perceived KU lean but we know how that goes lately. Remind me again why KU sticks with Adidas?

  • @BShark Archie Miller better be in Langford’s living room in the next two weeks or pitchforks start in Indiana. 😆

  • @BShark Andrew Wiggins and Josh Jackson didn’t seem to mind Adidas

  • @BigBad

    That would be quite a shocker. Seems like he is all but signed to Duke. Of course, you have to try.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Not the point of the thread. Josh was UA and just wanted to come to KU. Doke was Nike and Mitch is a lifelong KU fan. My point is who is Adidas funneling to KU. Bragg was the last one I think.

  • I’ll just wait for @jaybate-1.0 to stroll through now.

  • @BShark My point is that if they were that tied to a shoe brand, they wouldn’t go to any school that wasn’t that brand. I’d bet that most kids would wear white Chuck Taylor high top converse to play at the school they want to play at.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Each recruitment is different.

  • @BShark

    Chumming appears to make the @BShark grow fonder. 😄

    Alas, I will be a disappointment here.

    We live in extraordinary times that appear to happen every 15 to 25 years, or so, when our reputed private oligarchy and its agents appear to think a reset of our thinking (and savings) is in order to allow them basic changes in how they organize and exploit parts of the world.

    During these times, enormous distractions are exploited, and reputedly sometimes even contrived, whilst one axis of private oligarchy out maneuvers another for the opportunity to take what vicious, and sometimes piratical, action appears expedient and feasible at that time.

    Ordinary folk usually witness much hard to explain activity that surfaces during these times. The activity manifests both inexplicable tendencies and inexplicable exceptions to those tendencies. Things appear inexplicable, significantly because rule of law has apparently been informally suspended to significant extent and organs of trusted information have apparently begun to poison the well of public information for those that own the organs, who apparently consider themselves part of that private oligarchy. The usual minters of truth are taking a kind of break. In this disoriented and destabilized state, ordinary folk labor, usually without leaders helping them, while the SHTF and many suffer and a few prosper. During such times, a rational thing to do is to wear a metaphorical hat and wait until the metaphorical excrement stops metaphorically coming down so hard headwear is recommended. It usually takes ordinary folk some time afterwards to figure out what was actually done and why. Sometimes it takes forever, if enough evidence can be destroyed, but I digress.

    I would not expect the college sports industry and its recruiting realm to exist entirely independent of this phenomena.

    There appeared a brief window opening on how things were happening in recruiting and now that window appears to have fogged up from closure.

    Common sense hints at no certain end to prior activity, but instead to possible evolution of it with residues that can no longer be observed. But common sense has its risks and limits, Hence the hat advisory.

    Based on historical patterns I can recall, I would not expect the window to unfog, or reopen, for awhile.

    At most we get a glimpse of dots like Easygate and then of a big new shoe contract–seemingly anomalous dots that invite wonder but no clear explanation.

    Still, based on historical recollections again, one might hazard a wild guess that in a galaxy far, far away, agents and gaming might figure in as puzzle parts some time down the road.

    There endeth the stroll.

    Happy chumming.

    (Note: all opining and speculation by a fan alias with no insider knowledge or relevant professional expertise.)

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