Why get mad?

  • I started my posting on this board last year with a “why I am a KU fan” thread. In it I explained, among other things, that I could understand disappointment and frustration, but I could not understand anger in our fan reactions to defeats.

    Now, I do feel anger when someone has violated some norm of behavior or some higher achievement of stupidity that causes a defeat. I was mad at the twins for arrogantly taunting the VCU players, which I believe was so low-class it helped undercut our aura of invincibility. I was angry at EJ for the junk chop.

    Non-KU related, I am angry at any coach who gets a technical at the end of a close game, costing hard-working players their reward due to his ego-fest. Heck, I was angry at that Bills running back who lost his helmet before the Super Bowl, and I don’t even care about the Bills–I just wanted to see a good game and hate inanities that threaten it.

    But, as to our tourney fate: it is a loss, felt most strongly by those who have participated in it, who have worked so hard yet had dreams dashed so unceremoniously in public. Why the anger? Why act like the players or coach have done something awful to you rather than seeing that their disappointment vastly exceedes your own?

    It is not that I don’t feel disappointed, but I don’t direct that feeling against someone. Do those of you who get so upset that you are angry react differently?

  • The all too familiar sports fan seasonal experience as told by the dandelion…

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  • I just assume that everyone who is frothing mad, calling for Self’s head etc is probably under 30 years old.

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