Ha you think it's bad

  • Well it’s a rough couple of days here BUT got to take some solace - -it’s rally comical on the Kentucky board. - these guys are sooo aggorant. - -There was one poster that actually was giving congrads to N Carolina for beating his Kentucky team yesterday telling N.Carolina they had a good team - -Man was he taking a beating… - - People saying they would NEVER give n. Carolina congradulations eve and on and on. - -Then they started in on the refs, how Kentucky getting screwed and OMG it was just one right after another post after post - -which I knew would be the case.

    I thought their mascot name was the Wildcats - -WRONG they will now be known as the Kentucky whiners. You lost, you got beat - - -get over it. - -I look at our site and ya some people are giving Coach hell, but these guys here - -makes us look like a walk in the park lmao - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG PEOPLE

  • UK has a lot of drunk tshirt fans.

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