Looking back on this season

  • It was a disappointing end to say the least, lets look back at some of our games and thoughts without going into getting ticked about Oregon. It really was a season of almost for a lotta different reasons, Mason was set to pass Collins for 5th place on the scoring list and become the first KU play in history to get over 1800 points, 500 assists and 500 rebounds. He would come up just 3 points shy of Sherron and JJ tipping away a rebound late (499) of doing so. Hopefully he gets the POY to make it feel a better and he quite frankly (see what I did there lol) deserves it, What a season he had, enjoyed watching him grow for 4 years and it is sad I wont see him in crimson and blue again. Bill Self was set to pass Roy for second on the all time wins list but came up 2 short. The TCU loss, really cost both of these thinks from happening regardless of last night and maybe would’ve help us playing more in KC. I know some are wont agree with this but it was an above average year for KU. Self averages 30 wins a year, a big 12 title and a trip to the sweet 16. We made the elite 8, won our 11th straight opening round game, won 31 games, beating Dook and UK (on their home floor no less) and of course won the big 12 for the 13th straight time coupled with breaking the record for most consecutive NCAA berths in a row. It was a good year, not a great year but good. The low spot for me during the season (not talking post season of course) was blowing a 14 point lead at home to ISU, the high spot was BIFM hitting the shot in MSG to down Dook. From a player perspective I thought JJ proved to the best OAD we have ever had. DG and SVI were pretty much who I thought they would be, LL did what he could and won us some games. The biggest let down really in recent memory is the play of Carlton Bragg, talk a bout a sophomore slump or what ever the heck that was, it was total crap outside of about 3 games. There has been talk of a transfer here and I hope its not true, I think if he can get his mind right and hit the weights he will become a good player. Vick showed that he has a very high ceiling once he gets the game to slow down a bit. Doka going down sucked massively, same as if Coleby wasn’t fresh off an ACL injury but he had some good minutes several times being thrown in the fire. I’ll always wonder what we could’ve done with Doka healthy. The off the court issues were foolish and have to stop, it was very embarrassing as a KU fan to see us in the news in what seemed like every other week for mostly childish immature behavior. On to next season, and all 12 of us talking KU football lol.

  • Good summary. I’ll add another highlight-- the incredible come-from-behind victory over West Virginia.

    From 64-50 at the 2:58 mark to 71-all after 40 minutes – this team earned a spot in basketball history:


  • @bskeet That was awesome aswell but I hate Dook and Rat face lol.

  • @kjayhawks Totally agree that beating all three of the Champions Classic teams in the same season was remarkable!

    In some ways, these amazing achievements throughout the season leads us to feel empty from the final outcome.

    Let’s recap the resume:

    1. Qualified for the tournament for NCAA-record 28th straight year.
    2. Earned Big 12 Regular season championship for the 13th straight year, tying the NCAA record
    3. Ranked #1 in both polls at least once during the season
    4. Beat numerous top 20, top 10 and top 5 opponents throughout the year
    5. Incredible come-from-behind victory over #9 West Virginia (Sweet Sixteen team)
    6. Beat #4 Kentucky at Rupp arena
    7. Beat #1 Duke in MSG
    8. Beat Michigan State in Tulsa [NCAA round of 32]
    9. Beat first 3 NCAA tournament opponents by 30 and averaged 96 pts in each game
    10. POY candidate and best one-and-done at KU and HOF nomination for Coach Self.

    Without question, lots to celebrate this season, and that is why FF – DNQ just doesn’t seem right.

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