I'm Sure This Will Get Brought Up A Lot

  • But man. One of Xavier, Gonzaga, Baylor, South Carolina, Wisconsin and Florida will be in the title game. Other side right now is KU, Oregon, UNC, Butler, UCLA, UK.


  • @BShark Wisconsin still has a lot of players left over from their 2015 runner up team. Them and Gonzaga are the two best teams left on that side of the bracket.

  • Which means we’ve got to get through Oregon and then one of those others. It might be a relief to be playing for the championship.

  • Went to bed before the end of that game. First thing on my mind this am was Arizona would have a nice home court advantage in Phoenix. Guess that didn’t pan out.

    Its too bad that the blue bloods have to eliminate each other before the championship.

  • KU v UNC to decide the title.

  • @dylans Roy will love that❤️💙

  • @dylans I hope so. The toughest match up left, imo, is UCLA or Kentucky.

    obviously anyone can win or lose on any night, but those are the two left I feel match up best and present problems.

  • @Blown Oregon looks really athletic! I’m nervous! I’d love to play ucla!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Bill Self vs Dana Altman.

  • @Blown

    Gonna shoot them right out of their zone I hope.

  • @dylans Won’t happen. Same side of the bracket.

  • @brooksmd Doesn’t mean it won’t decide the champion.

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