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  • So I saw a news story where someone went on to this web site and started a petition to have Justin Bieber deported and they already had over 120,000 signatures in about 10 days, it only takes 100,000 for the Presidents staff to have them look at it and make a statement.

    So with that in mind can we start one to get Doug Gottlieb off of TV, radio and internet?

    For starters he is a felon. Second he is to ignorant to be able to spew his opinion that is so one-sided that when CBS puts him on they have to have two people to rebuttal against him.

    Plus this would save CBS some money and a lot of emails asking for them to fire him.

    As Jaybate say, no malice intended

    or is there?

  • I don’t think it is that simple. As much a we dislike Gotlieb, he has a fair following with other fan bases that love to hear him bash KU. If he would be bashing UK instead of KU, many of us would not dislike him as as much.

    Like any dominant individual or group, the mere act of being on top makes a lot of people dislike you. Take LeBron James. By all accounts he is clean cut, stays out of trouble, does not go breaking the law, or beating up women contributes to charity and the only negative thing he did was the famous, or should I say infamous, “decision,” which, by the way donated the money to the Boy Scouts of America. Regardless of what Cleveland fans might say, leaving the Cavaliers was a business decision than any player in his situation would have made. In spite of all the good things he does, he is still the most hated man in sports.

    As similar case could be made for WSU Coach Gregg Marshall. While we KU fans, and to a lesser extent KSU fans, dislike him a lot, his message about playing KU and KSU has a big audience outside the state. I have family and friends in the East and West Coast and the ones that follow basketball often ask why is it that we don’t play WSU? particularly after its last year’s Final Four appearance.

    In the end, it comes down to dollars and cents. If CBS feel they make Money with Gotlieb on board, they will keep him. As soon a he stops producing revenue or affects the network negatively, he will be gone. Unfortunately at this time the audience has little choice; if the game is on CBS you do not have your pick of announcers, you either listen to him or turn the volume down and listen to the radio. Clark Kellogg, and Ohio State graduate, was even a bigger homer when he was allowed to do the KU-OSU games and there were zero consequences.

    It looks like lately Gotlieb has burr up his &*%^ when it comes to all things KU; I am not sure what brought this up as I don’t remember him being that way in the past. I imagine that the Conference contract with CBS covers who will be announcing conference games and short of a formal request from the Conference, which I seriously doubt it would happen, things are not going to change.

    I feel your pain.

  • Actually, I derive a certain taste of satisfaction when announcers spew their contrary Jayhawk predictions or declarations before, during, or after our games. It was something of a hoot when Dickie V. labeled us a fifth place pre-season league team a few years ago. Since, he has developed a rational wariness regarding any whisper of shortchanging Bill Self and his usual fast-developing minions. Dougie G. obviously bounces through his broadcasting stints with loose-lipped gusto, trapped yet within the frustrated and capricious teen mindset of an Okie State Big 12 aspirant. He offers to KU posters and bloggers a steady stream of contradictory challenges. For me, such brash braying from the announcer’s booth beats hell out of the dreary or uninformed game-calling which we ocasionally fall victim to, or digressions into topics barely tangential to the game at hand. Even with commentator Bob Knight’s sleepy lack of preparation, at least he was good for something colorful or pointedly informative about our sport. So long as I am in possession of a large screen TV and a working DVR and remote gizmo with volume mute, I find that I can stomach any of those donkeys. Bray, Dougie, bray! Se ya in April.

  • @JRyman I despise Snotleib, the Okie St homer. The great news is I have a remote control that allows me to change the channel, or even turn down the sound. I don’t need any help from Big Brother to fight my sports announcer battles. I have a Hall of Fame coach, with an exceptional group of players who are more than capable to make Snotleib look ridiculous. Plus, the president’s staff has far more pressing matters to deal with, such as issuing their statement concerning Justin Bieber.

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