A ProofofToughness Lesson...

  • MichState’s frosh are good. They will be great, and I felt had turned a corner here late in their season. Not the team with 14 losses. I was worried.

    But the physicality lessons usually meted out by Izzo’s Bruisers, which can make the elites snub their noses at B1G ball, actually was delivered by KU–Mason with the hard elbow on Bridges, and the sack o potatoes fall by TumTum Nairn.

    Experience paid off. Poise and execution ruled. But we also know MichState will be experienced, dangerous, and coached-up next year.

    This game, again, KU brought its B+ game for most of it, and kicked into A game the last 3min. Closers.

  • In no world should Bridges be back but if he is, MSU will be top 5 next year.

  • @ralster

    I’ve been worried about the possibility of playing 3 B10 teams in a row. The bruising aspect puts us at risk of injuries. Our guys are really going to have to play with their heads and not get into any risky situation that doesn’t need to happen.

    Our advantage is experience and age. That plays in big during March Madness.

    Once again… we showed poise down the stretch. We just keep pushing and pushing… and we don’ t back down.

    I wonder how many teams are left with age and experience?

    I was optimistic about our game today knowing how young MSU was.

    Purdue’s size scares me, especially with their monster, Swanigan.

    The key for us is to MAINTAIN OUR PACE, not theirs. We are so much faster than them and we need to open the game up to wear down their bigs.

  • @drgnslayr I’m sure Frank will put pressure on the bigs by driving to the hole hard all game. He’s a game changer in how he fouls up the other teams bigs. Thankfully It’s not Lucas vs Swanigan, it’s a team effort.

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