KU versus Big10

  • Anyone else notice that, most likely, we will have to beat 3 Big 10 teams to get into the FF?

    I was thinking we had a pretty good draw in the brackets… but I’m not so sure now. We have to put down everyone but Wisconsin in the Big 10 to advance. The Big 10 is carrying a huge chip in this tourney. Meanwhile… we were hovering around the top of the rankings all year. Do we have a target on our head by Big 10 teams?

    Heck, yes!

  • Hadn’t noticed! My dream is KU plays a fourth, Wisconsin in the championship. KU wins of course.

  • @wissox

    Wouldn’t that be killer?

  • Yes, it makes me nervous.

  • KU advances to S16 winning the game 71-65.

  • One down… two to go…

    They have to come into our backyard now.

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