Mixed Feelings

  • Well so it begins. - - -March Madness is underway, watched the play in games last night. That Mt Saint Marys-New Orleans games was crazy/weird - - I mean you have a player trying to take his own team mate out lol - -pushing choking as they said, anyone else see that? then the player yelling at the Coach. - - -I said at the time oh HELL NO He wouldn’t be playing anymore in the game if that was me/ i was the Coach, SURE ENOUGH BAM - -have a seat, just when they needed him the most too. - -Crazy.

    As far as the game I was really interested in last night, the Wake/KSU game , got to say had some mixed feelings. - I love Danny thats our boy KU - -waas wanting him to win - -win bad - - -anytime I can watch K-Straight and squeaky get beat always caps my day - - BUT - -that is most of the time, last night, well - - -was MAYBE only one of the very few times where they won and I’m like well - - it really sucks Danny got beat, especially by squeaky, BUT there was/is this just this little tiny bit of me that was ummmm so, so, ok I GUESS with KSU wining last night. THE REASON? - - Because and ONLY because it was a win for the Big 12 conference in the post season - -the tournament. - - -Like I know I’ve said AND others also have said, it’s time we, as a conference show in the tourney, make a statement - get rid of all the early losses. - - So this is a start & some people want to think so or not - - yes this was a NCAA tourney game. - -So they got us started - -Big 12 - - - -1 - - -the all mighty powerful, the BEST CONFERENCE just ask Vital and the boys lol, – na they are a very good conference - -but Big 12 -1 the ACC zero. - - We need to have a good showing this year in the tourney - prove that this leauge is as tough as any other. - -Time to Ball - -no not Lonzo lol, . - -Since our regular season is over , I wil pull, always have pulled for ALL Big 12 teams to do well. - The more we win , the beter the league looks, - -So let’s do this. - - feel bad for Danny, but his team is only going to get better, but man does their defense Suck. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I had the same thought last night. Wake got screwed on that flagrant call. No way was that intentional watching the replay you clearly see his arms go out right as the ball is coming by.

  • @jayballer54 I only watched the first half, but KSU got everything they wanted inside.

  • The only positive I see is:

    Big12 1-0

    ACC 0-1

  • @jayballer54 what is “KStraight”? I couldnt figure it out, as I was trying to think of any notable streaks they have, etc…Cant think of any. Of course we bastardize their names to Ksuck. KStuck, KStater, KStutter, KStink, KStoopid, Mildcats, Pussies, etc.

    I suppose Straight could mean standing upright, but if you even ask their fans, because they’ll whine about getting hosed by refs (Svi’sTravel, DJ Johnson, etc) & KU in general, I’d like to think of them Bent over, getting shafted…not “straight”, dont you think? And of course they have that whole animal husbandry thing over there…which we’ll kindly just leave alone…

  • @ralster think homophobic hate towards KU. KStraight vs GayU a whole university of simple minded people.

    I hate that I understand the KSU psyche.

  • All rivalry-banter aside, when I watched that entire WF-KSU game I just thought KSU was more physical, and the aggressor. It DEFINITELY was a good shooting night for KSU, as sometimes their offense can look horrid. I was reminded of Bill Self’s comments on KSU about how 6-8 of their conf losses were 1-2 possession games.

    I will take an absolute moment to say I have nothing against any KSU players or coaches, I just cannot tolerate their fan behavior. But they are a tough, decent Big12 team who plays D. They could make a run.

    I found myself somewhat rooting for their players that we know. I dont know Danny’s players. WF wasnt able to get key stops, NOR were they able to make key buckets late. WF ranked 9th in ACC. I’m glad Danny got em to the Tourney, but they didnt have the eye test of a team that would get very far this year. Give Danny another year or 2.

    Compared to WF lineup, KSU players looked more muscular, physical, and played that way.

    Squeaky-Liberace sure does yell some weird, strange stuff from the sidelines!!! I think KSU players win games DESPITE whatever he yells at them. Man, his brain and phrase-choice is wired rather oddly, as we’ve seen over the years. Oddball, for sure.

  • It’s hard not to root for Danny and his team, but I’m still a Big12 guy, and want our conference to represent well in the big dance. Would love to see KSU and OSU pull some upsets!

  • @Hawk8086 Exactly, that’s what I was saying also. - -Wake’s defense was horrible, I have never seen a team be able to get the ball inside like K-state did last night. - -Hell I think if I remember right K-State shot 69% for the game - -crazy. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @dylansYa me too, that is what I was saying also. - -The ONLY positive t come out was as a conference it was a win - -feel bad for Danny. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @ralster I have to agree with you for the most part anyways. Like you said, Danny has nothing but positive in front of him. I think they said last year Danny was 2-16 in league then got 9 wins this year, got some nice players - -Collins is really good as hyped.

    But as you said their defense - -OMG how bad can it get crazy bad, I also have no respect for K-state fan base they suck. - I mean though if a defense allows a team to shoot 69% for the game? - -got lots of work to do. Not only couldn’t they get a key stop -they couldn’t get ANY STOP. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @hawkmoon2020 Ya as I mentioned earlier, I always pull for all Big 12 teams when it comes to the NCAA tourney, mainly because the more wins we get, the tougher our conference looks. This way people talk smack, we have something to back us up with, we have to stop the early collapse of our league in this tourney. - -Hopefully this is the year. - I truly believe K-State will beat Cincinnati , they really struggle to score, I also believe Oklahoma State has a good shot against Michigan, they was just talking on Sports Center like Michigan is like the 3rd worse defensive stats against the shooing pct of the opposition - -and it should be an awesome matchup with Okla St back court, Evans could do some real damage. - -Carrol go off, Forte go off. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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