Do KU's New Post Season Uniforms Reveal Anything About the Post Season Selection Process?

  • There’s something about those flashy new uniforms that has kept rolling around in my head ever since someone posted the link to their introduction recently.

    And this wondering is not just about KU, but about all of the elite programs and the post season selection process.

    And I am actually seeking out counsel from fellow board rats on this for I have no pre-conceived opinions on this issue.

    KU’s special uniforms were apparently introduced shortly AFTER KU iced the thirteenth B12 Conference title a week or two back , and before KU lost to TCU.

    The uniform intro also indicated that KU would be getting special new shoes for March and the shoes themselves were reputedly kind of a special design beyond just the addition of some special coloration and some insignia.

    So what is my point of wonder?

    Could adidas design and produce special new shoes, plus a special run of uniforms, in just a few days between the time KU wins a thirteenth title, and when the introduction occurred a few days or a week later, if I recall correctly? That seems pretty fast work even on a rush order. They would have to design some prototyping molds, or CAD CAM shapers, or use some of the cool new 3-D printers, and test new shoe prototypes, and make some likely changes to fix flaws, and then I would think Self would have to have been consulted on the prototypes. I would think he would want his players to try out at least the prototype shoes to see if they were comfortable, safe, supportive and avoided giving them blisters. Then the CAD CAM files would have to be emailed to Indonesia, or China, or whereever, and then some tooling up would be required for the shoes and at the very least some new threads spools installed in the factory for the uniforms to be sewed, and well, then they would have to be flown back and then photographed for PR, and so on.

    You catch my drift here, right?

    It seems like these new threads and treads had to have been designed quite awhile back–well before it was known that KU would be winning its thirteenth title and getting a 1 seed, or whatever seed it turns out KU gets.

    Does this suggest someone knew how the season was going to go before hand, or is it just peanuts in the budgets involved and something they just did for fun on the side.

    Do you suppose they do this every season?

    Or do you suppose this was just a one time cost adidas was willing to bear on a gamble that KU would win its thirteenth title?

    Designing special uniforms doesn’t seem such a big deal, since they went through a phase where they wanted KU to wear and market test a number of different uniforms.

    But designing shoes seems a bigger commitment. Maybe they are a design that KU has already been wearing? The intro lead me to believe they were a new design.

    Just curious during the down time created by the upset by TCU…those dirty rats. 😃

  • @jaybate-1.0

    When I was abroad I also was a rep for one of the big sports uniform companies. All these companies build custom very fast. Not sure about shoes… but I doubt we are having custom injection-molds built just for us. And when I was in this we are talking 15 years ago.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Every thing is pre-designed on computers based on standard and tested patterns, and once the design is done, the equipment that produces the uniforms can easily be programmed to crank out the new design. As long as they have the raw supplies needed on hand it should not take much time at all.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Thanks so much.

    So: you would guess they could have feasibly thrown these uniforms and shoes together between the time KU iced the conference and the announcement?

    Question: even if feasible, would you guess that is what they did, or would you guess that they did this work considerably further in advance on the expectation that it was probable KU would win the thirteenth?

  • @drgnslayr

    What you say adds a piece of the puzzle as @JayHawkFanToo does too. It was a little difficult for me to tell if they shoe designs were new for the tourney, or new for the season.

  • All adidas schools got them

  • @jaybate-1.0 I’d bet the shoes are what they’ve been wearing all year with a different outer shell.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    KU is the flagship Adidas program and would have gotten new units regardless, so I will guess it was planned well in advance.

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