Landen Lucas

  • Landen is quickly becoming a Jayhawk favorite because of his patience, positivity and performance. He must be the best post 5th-man in college basketball.

    Could he be the difference in a league game this year? Yes, he could be, and the game he could impact most will be played tonight in AFH.

    It appears Tarik Black will not be ready to go this evening, and that puts Landen in line to earn some solid playing time in this game.

    If we look back to our close victory in Ames this season we should feel like we were fortunate to leave Ames with the win. ISU shot a miserable 16% from 3 in that game.

    Kansas had 24 TOs in that game, Joel was responsible for 7 of those TOs.

    If tonight’s game repeats our TO woes and ISU shoots even a respectable % from 3, Kansas will be in trouble, and at some point, will be looking for answers to change the direction of the game. Landen may represent that potential change to turn the tide for another Jayhawk home victory.

    Landen’s top two qualities, rebounding and fundamentals, could be the answer for a win tonight. If Joel becomes overwhelmed on double-teams (TOs) and/or gets in foul trouble, Landen will likely be counted on for key playing time and will have the opportunity to shift the game into a different style.

    Landen offers us one key benefit; more possessions! By reducing TOs and crashing the boards, Landen may be our key weapon tonight!

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