I'm just not feeling it

  • Ok, so maybe I’m being quote unquote paranoid, Maybe my Crimson and Blue new blinders I recently bought are a little to thick, Maybe there is a logic somewhere. - - BUT I’m just not feeling it, I’m just not hearing OR seeing the love, respect call it what you want from media on this team. - - So what am I missing? Please enlighten me.

    I mean we just won our THIRTEENTH straight Conference Championship, we have ben in the top 25 all year again - -top 10 all year, Now the # 1 ranked team in the Nation in what’s suppose to be the toughest or 2nd toughest conference in the Nation, We won this league by 4 games, We Have probably a lottery pick future NBA player, that probably playing as one of the best if not the best Freshmen in the land, - -Very good shot of having the POY of the year Frank Mason , just closed out the regular season playing against which would be up for a very good debate at least one of the hottest teams in the Nation right now on their home floor and trail for the game like 35 seconds - -And what do I hear? - -Or fail to hear?

    Really not any kind of props on our team - - ESPN as usual has their head buried so far up the ACC’S butt- -All I hear is N Carolina - Duke , and not just last night but ALL DAMM YEAR. - - The lead in of course was they were all over this. - - Then they get into talking about Oh if Carolina wins the ACC tourney then they also should have the # 1 overall seed in the NCAA tourney. – and ya da , ya da , ya da, give me a break and while your at it give me a shut the hell up.

    Mean while back at the ranch - -you would at least think there might be some kind of mention to the # 1 team in America and the kind of year we have had. I mean come on 28-3 win your conference by four games. SERIOUSLY? - -OK I mean seriously if any of use here really thought we were going to win this conference by four games PLEASE holler at me right now, cause I got some resort vacation land for sell to you.

    The only time they even throw a whisper about us is well KU has played a lot of close games this season, and how hard it’s going to be for us in the Big 12 tourney and how we better, - -and just overall bullshit look out Because WV is a team that would love to play us how they had dominated us for 77 minutes out of possible 80 this year. - - -I know I know you probably thinking I am paranoid -well call me MR parnoia then cause I just ain’t feeling it - - I mean enough is enough - -I call BS. -hat’s all right I hope the guys feel me, and they take this as a ad motivation moving on, I’m telling you there is something that is just different with this team. - -They have that certain toughness, lack of panic, never say die , and I think a lot of it is coming rubbing off from our Senior Pg. Frank. - - Ok, Rant is over now , I’ll take off my new Blinders and MAYBE I’ll see things different - -Doubt it, but MAYBE. - – so tell me is it just me OR is anyone seeing a least a little bit of what I’m trying to say? - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • KU will always be second to UNC, Duke and Kentucky. That said, I like it that we arent getting much media attention. The teams that have in the past seemed to shrivel under pressure. The 08 and '12 teams were not discussed much by the media - in 08, it was all about Derrick Rose and Tyler Hansbrough. In '12, it was all about the Unibrow and a UNC vs UK championship. Both times KU spoiled their party.

    I have serious doubts about this team being able to string together four to six wins in March, but they have as good of a chance as anyone else.

  • @HawkChamp Hell, when we made it to the FF in ‘08 there still was no talk about KU. It was all Memphis/UNC and some UCLA. We were dog meat to all the talkin’ heads. But in the end what were they sayin’? ROCK CHALK CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

  • OK, I’m stilL looking for some help. - -I’m making up my NCAA BRACKET No, can’t fill the teams in yet I realize that BUT - here Is my question - -When we get down to the FINAL FOUR teams how does that stack up? - Does the Winner of the Midwest Region play the West Region or how does that shape up I need to know Midwest Vs West - East Vs South how does these regions sit up against one another in the final four - -HELP lol - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 It’s been an interesting season. We obviously have won a lot of games. But I think the way we’ve won has taken the luster off a little bit. We haven’t been dominating teams. We’ve had to come back frequently and sweat it out.

    Here’s what I do, or better what I don’t do. I rarely listen/watch/read anything about the Jayhawks on anything but our reliable sources, here, KUSPorts, KUHoops and that’s about it. I rarely can stand talking heads on TV who blather on and on about whatever. We’ve got to make them talk about us. They can’t prevent us from playing for the championship and we’ve got to do that. If we’re the defending champs like Villanova, then they’d be talking about us.

    I know it’s a little frustrating to hear us relatively ignored, but I’d guess if you did searches you’d see more on line about the Jayhawks nationally than you’d think, and a lot of it positive too.

    Because at the end of the day, ESPN doesn’t decide who wins the national championship. Sure they may talk up the others, but if we’re good enough to win it we’re going to win it despite the east coast bias media.

  • KU is amongst the top 3% of NCAA teams that ESPN shows on tv. More full KU games are televised on ESPN that any other team. It’s common to see KU highlights on sports center. It’s a national audience and they don’t all want to see just KU.

    UCLA, Duke, UNC, Kentucky, and Kansas all dominate the national sporting news. I’d really hate to try and follow other teams as it’d be tough work to find the amount of information currently at our disposal about our team.

    It’s all about ratings. If KU was the circus that UK is there would be more media hoopla. Personally I like what we have going.

  • @jayballer54

    Here is the “love” we get from east coast press -

    Kansas stays steady while dealing with off-court turmoil

    Now we all know our team is busy with basketball and not “off-court turmoil” but the press sees it differently.

    Did anyone in here feel like Josh couldn’t focus on Saturday because he was worried about his court “speeding ticket?”

    So Kansas now tied UCLA’s record and these dickheads can only mention the “trouble” we have. Sorry for the French, but “dickheads” is the only appropriate way to describe them.

  • @drgnslayr YEP that’s exacly what I’m talking about. - ESPN has their heads buried so far up the ACC’s ass it’s not even funny, we all know how much in love they are in with the ACC. It’s just like Sunday morning, as ew know KU being the # 1 team in the Nation, also 13 straight conference titles - -you would think they would lead off the top of the hour if your talking college basketball showing high lights of the # 1 team and how they fared, - BUT what do w get to watch and listen to them slobber all over themselves - - Duke-N Carolina

    nOW IF DUKE OR north Carolina would of been # 1 do you think we would of seen high-lights of KU 1st? - -HELL NO, we are going to get a steady diet of the ACC. - - -AGAIN , - - screw the ACC, ESPN, doing their best to try to twist things around since Duke has been a complete disaster and not the Run away Power they were going to be a sure lock to win it all.

    Don’t come at me with all the BS about well OH they had all those injuries. - -Every College deals with injuries - -your duke - -hell your entire roster is 5 star studs right? - -don’t come crying bitching and moaning about your piddly fricken injuries. Your ACC - -your conference is the only conference is the only conference worth squat right? - - -BS screw the ESPN hype bias ACC - -hell their so much in Love with rat face and Duke and N Carolina why worry about even playing the season. - - That’s ok though, let’s play this out and see whz up? - -tell you this - -it won’t be DUKE getting that trophy, you can take that to the bank, to many serious flaws.

    Hell I can just see this scenario right now - - in the title game Duke Down by 1 and they bringing the ball down the court and they pass the ball to a wide open Luke ( oh is my hair ok ) messin with his hair- - -ONCE AGAIN and the ball rolls harmless out of bounds - and Lukie standing there with the look of like WHAT - -WHAT - -WHAT what did I miss Roflmfao, and rat face just wetting all over himself complaining to the officials that pretty boy got tripped - -get the hell out of here with DUKE lmao- - - meanwhile back at the ranch - ESPN continues to want and runs stories about our off the court issues - that’s the reconigation we get - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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