• That bum almost knocked out a UNC player with his elbow. A thug attack. The ESPN announcers did their best to minimize the thug attack from the dirtiest player since Bill Laimbeer.

  • @KUSTEVE Still looking forward to him in the league where he won’t have RatFace and the ACC protecting him.

  • @brooksmd He’ll get beat up.

  • This is news?

  • Wish he’d trip Higgins

  • Hey, in all fairness, Kansas has some players that like to kick things, too !!

  • @brooksmd I don’t think he’s going to make it to the league. If he does he’s not going to play enough minutes for anything meaningful to happen.

  • @Blown that’s not fair to Josh.

  • I will give Allen credit for developing his game and using more than his feet to try and hurt people. He’s finally showing signs of development and progress.

  • Will 🐀Face whisper in someone’s ear?

  • What GM wants a sociopath that wilts under pressure?

  • Berry’s shot looks like dg’s

  • Do our guys bus it to stoolwater?

  • How bout 3 steps, Kennard.


  • News at eleven.

  • @Blown

    Duke’s Allen fascinates me some.

    I don’t like him much, but I feel some empathy for him the same as I did at times for Ron Artest.

    The authorities are cutting him quite a lot of slack, same as they did Artest. Many say too much.

    Like a Ron Artest, he is easy to despise for how he cheap shots.

    But like a Ron Artest, he has lots of talent and makes his team better.

    After being a feared bad ass, Artest eventually harnessed his bad boy stuff after a long controversial stretch in the NBA. He was very good both as a bad ass and as a more controlled player. Allen hardly seems a bad ass–more of a baby faced assassin.

    Arrest said teams and coaches wanted him to play the way he did and be an intimidator.

    Does Allen’s team?

    Likkewise, John Salley, Rick Mahorn, James Edwards, Bill Laimbeer, Isaiah Thomas and Dennis Rodman formed an entire team that were unapologetic about being calculated about intimidation and cheap shotting. They were all skilled trippers among many other black arts. Opposing Fans hated them. Even Michael Jordan hated them.

    But Allen hardly seems a bad ass, or a bad boy.

    Maybe Duke’s coaching staff has encouraged Allen to play as he does.

    Or maybe Allen developed it and the coaches have taken a ride on it.

    He’s hardly the dirtiest player ever. He’s among the most blatant dirty players, however

    But there are two other unlikely but intriguing possibilities that have occurred to me.

    First, What if Allen has some kind of a disability–something like autism? Or some syndrome that makes him trip and elbow uncontrollably? Maybe the way Turrettes Syndrome makes persons shout epithets and twitch unpredictably.

    What if what we witnessed were the best he could control it? What if the Duke coaches were doing their best to minimize it? What if he is being given some second chances, because it’s a disability driven thing?

    I’ve watched Allen and his behaviors look sometimes calculated and other times impulsive. But in both cases he appears to act without any attempt at concealment. He is egregious and obvious. This is unlike many bad boys, who are masters of concealment when they want to “get away with it.” Maybe Allen has a disability that makes him lack the insight to make any effort at concealment. The lack of concealment is odd, as is the often unnecessaryness of what he does. He doesn’t need to do much of what he does to be effective. But then the same could have been said of Ron Artest.

    I have another speculation, but now that I’ve thought about it’s just too weird to mention here.


  • He has the gall to throw his head back when he elbows the dude in the head.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I do think he shares the same disability as Elizabeth Lambert, the girl soccer player that kept mauling her opponents, Mike Tyson when he entered his biting phase, and Luis Suarez, the Uraguayan soccer biter.

    I don’t think he can or will stop, and I don’t think he should be playing sports where he is in close physical proximity with anyone else. Tennis has room for completely self-absorbed divas like him. See Serena Williams.

  • @jaybate-1.0 if it’s Tourette’s, it’s usually diagnosed much earlier. Don’t believe he did this his freshman year. Same goes w/autism. Both diagnosed much earlier.

  • Okay everyone, you’ve restored me to my senses.

    Allen is a generic Duke cheap shotter.

  • Allen = Snot faced frat boy-bad boy. Farthest thing from a bad ass. I bet he was the bully who took little kids milk money. The toughs in the NBA will chew him up and spit him out.

    But this thread was fun to remember what a DB Lambier was.

  • @approxinfinity Serena would jump over the net, and slap him.

  • @KUSTEVE Serena would beat him up!

  • Banned


    I got $100 on Serena.

  • @DoubleDD My daughter is a High school tennis player so we like to watch Serena. She frightens me! 😄

  • @Fightsongwriter My son plays varsity tennis, and is going to play small college tennis for 2yrs before going on to KU for his specific major–> but I remember for a few years, it seemed vogue to slam the Williams sisters, especially Serena, because they had an “unfair advantage”, and for a while my son was critical of them only because his coaches didnt like them, so he echoed it. I really disliked that, and called him out every time about it. What a world we live in nowadays that some of us can actually think to hold someone’s athleticism or physicality against them? Simply sour grapes/ have’s vs the have-nots. The newsflash, I told my son, is that even mighty Serena has gotten defeated, many times, and by many players. So has Tom Brady, too. There’s always haters, but Serena and Brady got the last laugh, dont they?

  • Grayson Allen is a clunky player, when comparing to the athletes in the NBA. I watched the Duke-UNC game, and kept thinking that Mason and DG actually shut Grayson down for most of that KU-Duke game.

    Grayson is a good college player. But will he really be a good NBAer? JJRedick was better. Kirk Hinrich was better. I’d bet on Ron Baker over Grayson in the NBA. Baker is a bit more fast-twitch. Proving he can play with Knicks.

  • @ralster it’s hard to assess his physical talent level when he is so clearly nuts. Imagine interviewing a job candidate that you know liked to routinely trip people around the office at his last job.

  • @Blown if you don’t believe there is a vast difference in character between Grayson Allen and Josh Jackson then I’m not sure there’s much of a point in going through the differences or lack there of as we see them, but I’ll try.

    Grayson trips, elbows, and pushes opposing players near every game he is in, often putting them in positions where they might seriously get injured. He throws tantrums on the bench, and walks through opposing huddles, resulting in shoving matches. He flails his arms and falls to the floor on drives routinely trying to solicit whistles. In the most clutch moments of the game, Grayson is anything but. He wilts under pressure. Grayson is universally reviled by the opposing fans and the nation. The only people in his camp are his mother, his coach, maybe a few teammates, and Ted Cruz. He is an embarrassment to Duke basketball.

    Josh Jackson never plays dirty. His ONE incident involved kicking a car in support of a teammate he thought was mistreated. On the court, he is passionate but has figured out his freshman year staying under control when on the floor. In clutch moments of the game, he dunks over people, hits big shots, locks down on D and finds open teammates. He is a star and beloved by his fans, teammates and Coach. He is humble and respectful with fans off the court. All indications point to him being a good guy and solid embassador for the university.

    These two kids are in most respects polar opposites.

  • @Fightsongwriter

    Serena could beat up Sugar Ray Leonard.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Serena could beat other female players but she is no match for a male athlete, not even in tennis.

    Remember Chyna, the female wrestler that was built like a tank? She was handily defeated by one old and out of shape Joey Buttafuoco of the “Long Island Lolita” fame.

  • @Ralph

    You are joking, right? Bobby Riggs was a an old, retired player playing for kicks and giggles while Billie Jean King was one of the top 2 or 3 female players in the world at that time. Remember that Bobby Riggs beat Margaret Court before that, who was at the time the top ranked female tennis player in the world, if I remember correctly.

    As far as the William sisters, it has been done and it was not even close…a German player not even ranked in the top 200 beat both sisters back to back… and that was after playing a round of golf in the morning and having a big lunch with several beers.


    Yeah… He put Jay Bilas in a tough spot… committing rough contact that Jay detests. But he is wearing a Duke uniform… Jay’s team.

  • @approxinfinity


    First and foremost, I never went into a full-blown character comparison between the two players. All I said was “we have players who like to kick things, too”. That is nothing more than a certain fact.

    Secondly, my eldest plays traveling ball with one of Apples’ college teammates, so I hear nothing but good and respectful things about Josh. So as far as a personal character assassination, I have none.

    But what I am tired of is posters on this board who continuously call out the faults of other teams, coaches, and programs and then make up imaginary lines that our players don’t cross in order to be able to stand up for them and say “they are different.”

    Here is what we know: Josh chased after a female and kicked her car. Vick 'more than likely" kicked the same woman in the face. Hence, It is not unfair for me to say that “our players like to kick things, too.”

    Stick up for our team and program all you want. But when you fail to hold our program and players accountable, and discredit others it gives the opinion that we might be a tad bit hypocritical.

  • @Blown so the star saying “more than likely” is a fact?

  • @JayHawkFanToo your right compared to your Chyna vs Joey Buttafuoco, I was way off with Billy Jean vs Bobby Riggs. I had to look up Chyna, I stopped watching WWF in the 70s. Chyna-WWF-324226.jpg looks like Hudy trained her.

  • @Blown

    I have to say that there is no evidence to prove that either Vick or Jackson “like” kicking anything other than opponent’s butts on the basketball court…and they do the later very well. In fact, there is no evidence that I know that Vick kicked anyone; it that had in fact happened, I would have been a very serious offense and charges likely filed. This sound like the “Bragg threw me down the stairs” story when in fact he was protecting himself and she fell back on the stairs going down all of 18 inches and, unless the laws of gravity work differently in Lawrence, she did no fall any further than that.

    We pretty much know that Jackson did kick the door and tail light but I will guess that he probably did not “like” it, and based on the consequences of that act, unlikely he will ever do it again.

  • @Blown I think we might be arguing semantics. I’m glad you hold Josh in high esteem. I don’t feel like these guys like to kick things. To me to “like to kick things” would mean that they have no remorse for their actions and would gladly do what they did again. Like Grayson Allen “likes to trip people”. But maybe we are looking at this thing from different angles. I can appreciate that we should be honest about the things our players do. I just see Allen and Coach K as being fundamentally different.

  • Grayson= pattern of behavior. Track record. Priors.

    Josh and Vick= act of indiscretion, poor judgement. As far as we know, not a pattern of behavior from either one, nor any priors. Yes they are wrong for acting how they did, but have they learned since? Made restitution? Apologized?

  • Grayson throwing his head back pretending he got hit in the head on that no-contact play reminded me of this guy…

  • @StLJhawk

    Thanks for posting that. I had not seen it before and it make me laugh.

  • @tis4tim

    I’ll match it and raise it…

  • It’s like he had to make sure there was a soft patch of floor to land on. Hahaha

  • Forget Grayson. I hate Duke.

  • @wissox there is a reason duke rhymes with puke!

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Ha ha. Thats pretty f-in horrible too. I hadnt seen that one before either. Thanks for the chuckles, good sir.

  • @tis4tim

    Yep. You have to see it to believe it…

  • I respected Allen for diving for balls during the Wisconsin championship game. I went from respect to disrespect ever since.

    The guy can play… but all the other crap makes him unwatchable.

    He just looks like a guy that needs to get beat up badly once to change his attitude and respect others. I know that is “old school” talking so I apologize to anyone that might be offended by that statement.

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