KU and OSU

  • I love the hype between KU and OSU. The Smart chatter in KC is amusing. Let’s take one step at a time. If you look at KU and OSU, it’s funny how people are forgetting the other players. Smart can’t beat all 5-6 guys at KU. Tharpe-Smart= We all know that Smart is better than Naa. Selden-Forte?= Do I even have to make a comment? Wigs-Nash= Nash has been such an under achiever up to this point. Unless he has a major adjustment, I don’t see him doing much against Wigs. Ellis-Brown= This is a good matchup for Ellis. Brown is at his ceiling and we all know Ellis is possibly the best player in the B12 right now. It’s Brown’s, but Ellis will hold his own. I think Traylor will be a nice match defensively for Brown. Brown likes to go outside. Black-Gaskins= Gaskins is an unproven community college transfer. Black is a D1 NCAA tourney transfer from Memphis. Black has size and experience. Embiid and Lucas can handle Gaskins.

    KU’s main threat is Smart. I don’t see OSU matching too well with KU. I will be interested to see Ellis and Brown. Self may prepare Selden to match Smart this game and Tharpe to match Forte.

    Selden-Smart (Self said that Selden may play some pg) Tharpe-Forte Wigs-Nash Ellis-Brown Black-Gaskins

  • When I think of Ok St, I ask myself this: Will it be a game if Markel goes off, if Markel is contained then it should be a victory. I see Markel as the motor to that team, although I know Smart has the highest draft potential, and Forte can go off at any time too.

  • Page? or did you mean Forte? But good point on Brown as a motor. It will be good for Ellis. I would see maybe Greene as a better match for Brown.

  • totally meant Forte…hehe, thanks for the editing capabilities above 🙂

  • Jeff Goodman of ESPN recently stopped by Kansas to watch Wiggins practice and did not leave impressed. Marcus Smart says he wants Wiggins to prove it on court. I think practicing against Selden (Which is a bigger version of Smart) might be the reason Goodman left unimpressed. During the open practice while not guarded by Selden he dropped 20+ and was the teams leading scorer. Selden and Wiggins are going to be too big/long for opposing teams to handle hands down and with Black and Ellis inside its going to be total domination with plenty of talent to rest our core group! KU will embarrass some really good teams this year and I cant wait for it to begin. Haters gonna Hate…

  • @truehawk93 I like your analysis by match-up approach. And you didn’t even mention the Self vs Ford competition. That one might be the most important.

  • IMO, i feel like Selden is being ‘prepped’ by BS to guard Smart… Selden has that ’ im not f’n around mentality’ he is ultimately the one that will step up and tell Smart if you the man prove it. The KUvsOSU match up will be exciting… but one game at a time… lets take care of Pittsburg State first and so on. Our non-conference schedule will prepare us well for conference play and ultimately OSU

  • Heck ya Truehawk, I see this match up as a definite advantage to KU. Smart is a beast but I think Selden can beat him. On the defensive end, Naadir can beat Forte and The Designer will be even better this year. He can beat Brown. That’s not to say we wont go 1 and 1 with OSU during the conference because its possible. OSU is really the only other team besides maybe Baylor that will give us any real challenge this year. But no more backflips in AFH for Mr Smart.

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