"Some Ways to Get in Iowa State Fans Heads Before the Game"

  • “Some Ways to Get in Iowa State Fans Heads Before the Game”

    ~Insist on mis-spelling their school’s name as follows: Eyeowa Steight Psiklonz.

    ~Tell them that Self-Stalking is caused by GMO corn.

    ~Remind them that corn-based E-85 has less energy density than 87 Regular.

    ~Constantly remind them about how LaFrentz, Hinrich, and Barnes played out of state.

    ~Constantly remind them that Bill Snyder, when an assistant at Iowa, would have been happy to take the ISU job.

    ~Remind them that Wheaties is the breakfast of champions and Corn Flakes is the breakfast of pig farmers.

    ~Tell them that despite inventing the electronic digital computer on campus between 1937-1942, they were never able to capitalize on it.

    ~Tell them that a state with Des Moines as its center of culture is not so much a culture as a series of interstate exits.

    ~Remind them that Floyd and Eustachy might get into the Basketball Rogue’s Hall of Fame on the first ballot, if there were one.

    ~Last Final Four was 1944.

    ~Last Big 12 title was 2000.

    ~Cummulative W&L Statement: 1255–1256

    ~Mascot and team nickname don’t match.

    (Note: all fiction except for dates and W&L statement and mismatch of mascot and team nickname. No malice.)

  • @jaybate 1.0 maybe we could tell them Embiid and Black are questionable for game? Was going to say something about stalkers, but was worried they would take me away!

  • Yes, tell them Embiid and Black are questionable, but get in the Uncertainty Principle, too. 🙂

  • @jaybate 1.0 I am worried about them!

  • To what lengths will Hoiberg go to win games?

    Bubu Palo reinstated by the Court

    The school does not want him, the Athletic Director does not want him, Hoiberg does and he suited up for the KSU game although he did not play. Will he play against KU? Where do you draw the line?

  • ~Make a public announcement that John Riggins has become a walk-on specifically for the ISU game.

    ~Unrelated to that news, advise ISU players to properly tape their ankles before the game… especially DeAndre Kane.

  • They missed 21 three’s at Ames. Our defense has been good,


    but ISU is not TCU.

  • Nice, jaybate. I hope Hoiberg plays Bubu Palo alot as his first game back in hostile AFH. What’s the chance Palo is a miracle worker in his 1st game back in a road game? Im betting he is more of a chemistry disruption. And BuBu Palo is just as capable of getting swatted by Embiid, or locked up tighter than shackles by Wiggins…

  • @ralster

    Palo is not a difference maker. I wonder if KU fans will have some witty posters ready just in case he plays 🙂

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