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  • We have to give it up, once again, for Head Coach Bill Self.

    He has evolved in ways I was not sure he could, especially in offensive scheming and nonbolded text play calling. He has moved from a rigid “my way or the highway” hi-lo, feed the post, never jack up a three early in the shot clock, run my stuff to get the best shot philosophy, to a more modern run & gun off the break, dribble-drive, penetrate, take the open shot when it presents itself early in the clock or not, penetrate and pitch, “make a play” style.

    This is not just “adjusting to his personnel”. This is a key learning and an evolution of a hugely successful coach. It is so hard to change what has been successful, especially when it is your core belief.

    Our Head Coach has changed for the better. The evolution is not just this team of players, but the way to play with superior talent, running “option offense” (like run-pass option in football). It is remarkably effective and more dynamic and creates improvised play-making opportunities for our guards.

    Snacks deserves some credit, but mostly the old stubborn “I will always play the percentages to give my team the best chance to win, in every circumstance and with every team” head coach, has modified his basic philosophy, not just to “fit the players he currently has” but to take advantage of the three point shot and superior athletic talent. BRAVO!

    Coach: you are the best and yet you have gotten better. Well done.

    Board rats: let’s talk offense and break it down a little more. This is an exciting time for KU basketball. Now we have a world class offense to go with our world class defense. I applaud and encourage the new way.

  • @jayhawk-007 Well said! This has been a remarkable season. Still emotional about Frank leaving (& Josh)…

  • @jayhawk-007 nice work!

  • There’s just something about Josh Jackson.

    The way he glides across the court. It’s effortless.

    The look on his face when he plays is everything right with this sport. He gets it. He knows how to score every time he touches the ball. He sees everything.

    His court vision is next level.

    Put him in a backcourt with Frank Mason and Devonte Graham. Come on. That’s not even fair.

    Next up is Frank Mason. Phew. There’s no other front court player I’d rather have. Can he ever not score at will? It’s unreal. His defense is smothering and his offense is demoralizing (to the opposition). I hope he makes so much money in the NBA that he doesn’t even know what to do with it. I want him to make so much money that he encourages his offspring NOT to attend college. That would be a slap in his face as a provider.

    Coach Self. I thought life was over when Roy left. But this guy…all he does is win. And the stutter and the accent. And the way his players say he makes them better men. They learn more than basketball. That’s legenary.

    Senior night 2017. Worthy of cracking open one of my 2015 Bourbon County Stout’s.

    I love this team. I hope I’m calling in sick that glorious Monday night.


  • @jayhawk-007

    “Coach: you are the best and yet you have gotten better. Well done.”

    Wow! Where have you been hiding?

    Very well done and you expressed my feelings, too. Bill has evolved, not only to adjust to his current player mix but he adjusted to how the game has changed in every single facet.

    It is exciting to see such a basketball mind as Bill, grow into the game as it changes course.

    I really think Bill “grew up” from a coaching point of view during his years at Kansas.

    I think the game of basketball today can best be summed up as, “grow or die!”

    In order to grow, one must be hungry for growth. Bill could have easily remained frozen in time, always having 2008 in his back pocket to reflect. That wasn’t good enough for him and so he opened his mind to how the game has changed and is changing.

    Look around at all the blue blood coaches today. Would you trade Bill for any of them? I wouldn’t. And not just because I’ve grown fond of him at Kansas. I just prefer the road he is on.

    No previous Kansas coach has had near the positive impact Bill has had on our program. Bill, with other Kansas staff members, has definitely lifted Kansas basketball to an all-time high! We are at the top in college basketball, and our climb is not over yet! I still see many improvements coming our way over the coming years.

  • @jayhawk-007 Well said.

    I don’t know KU fans, I just have this feeling, a good feeling, about next month.

  • @Lulufulu sounds good!

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