Joe Dooley

  • ASUN Coach of the Year. Congrats.

  • @BShark love that guy!

  • Bill Self coaching tree > Belicheck coaching tree.

  • @BShark

    Great to hear Coach Dooley is doing well.

  • Dooley.png

    The man, the myth, the legend…And I’m just talking about his smile. They guy rarely smiles. He has a constant game face.

    Congrats Coach from Jayhawk Nation. Well done

  • @BShark During the Super Bowl, they put up a graphic that listed all the coaches that the hapless Cleveland Browns have fired over the years, and on that list was Bill Belichek…

  • @ralster

    Yeah the Browns are a toxic organization. Of course it helps that Belicheck found a QB in NE, but really he is a defensive mastermind.

  • @BShark Spying helps.

  • Joe Doooooo is ready for the NC State job.

    Or Texas.

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