• Is truly awful. Crean can’t survive this.

    Also, I found the player that had his best game of the season against us that game:

  • @BShark

    KU has tradition of having an opposing nondescript player have a career day when playing KU…it is a courtesy KU extends to the less fortunate. 😃

    I did see the last 10 minutes of the game and OT and Iowa got some really helpful and timely whistles from the refs, although Indiana basically gave the game away in OT with several bad turnover in a row and the Iowas kid Jok hit 23-23 from the free throw line…WOW!

    In all fairness, the season ending injury to Anunoby and other key players hurt them big time and now the team seems to have given up and is in a free fall. Definitely not the team KU played or the team that beat UNC…not even close.

  • Can’t see Crean lasting this time around. Wonder what will happen to the roster full of Fresh to Jr’s… Bryant didn’t come back for this. Injuries have really hurt them but their play is so uninspiring on defense

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