Thanks to aprox for setting this up!

  • It’s great to see so many familiar faces here. I hated to see the community fractured like that. It felt like HS graduation; you knew a few people would stay in touch, but the rest are in the wind.

    It’s also encouraging to see how fast this community is coming back together. The number of users has tripled in the few days since I have joined and will hopefully continue to grow.

    I’m shocked that Jaybate and others have yet to show up. Hopefully people with Facebook will continue to leave links here until everyone is back home. And hopefully it is soon, because Jaybates first pent up post is sure to be a doosey.

    I’m proud to be a member of this community of outstanding Jayhawk fans!

  • I’ll second that - I do appreciate the work it took to get this up and running and enjoy seeing more and more familiar names sign on. Now that I’m getting used to the site, I enjoy the format and some of the new features (like the ability to see who is actively browsing.) Thanks approx!

  • I’m a new user. I used to post on a lot, but stopped after they changed to a facebook comment section. Howdy.

  • Thanks guys. I want to reiterate that i am really happy with the Nodebb platform and really happy we are on it. I evaluated a couple solutions but was still lucky that we ran with one that has worked out so well. It’s been straight forward to setup and maintain and the feature set is great. So big shout out to the developers of Nodebb. They’re unsung heroes here.

  • @kirkismyhinrich Welcome aboard. I never used to post either but this site is really easy to work with, so I hope you join in.

  • Just registered and want to add my thanks to @approxinfinity for providing the hall. This change of venue seems to be an occasion for a lot of regular readers of the comment threads – readers who seldom posted, but valued the content – to at least step out and answer the roll call. I’m one of those, and it’s very heartening to find so many of the familiar names and personalities turning up here, just when I thought this new KU basketball season was going to unfold without your info and insight. I was a little surprised at how much that mattered to me.

  • @child113 I always valued the comments as much as the articles. I remember listening to a spodcast and feeling disappointed that there were no comments posted, like it was incomplete

  • Just registered… was wondering where everyone went! I used to post as JHawkinTN a while back. mostly just lurked lately. Site works great…easy for big fingers on an ipad too. thanks for setting it up.

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