• I really liked this part. Haters better just skip it…

    Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski and Kentucky’s John Calipari have never won more than five straight. North Carolina’s Roy Williams and Michigan State’s Tom Izzo have never won more than four straight. Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim and Louisville’s Rick Pitino have never won more than two straight. And before you try to tell me none of this is too impressive because the Big 12 isn’t all that impressive, please note that the Big 12 is the nation’s top-rated conference, according to KenPom, and that this is the fourth straight season it has been rated first at KenPom. During this 13-year stretch, the Big 12 has been KenPom’s top-rated league five times, a top-two league eight times and a top-three league 10 times. If that makes the Big 12 weak, as one bro tried to suggest Saturday on Twitter, I would hate to see strong. And yet every season, for what will soon be 13 straight seasons, the Jayhawks finish atop the Big 12 standings – and usually alone.

  • Sounds like Calipari goes thru the same junk Bill does.

    ‘Well, we want to win more.’ No kidding. We all want to. Live with my shoes. You want to win more? We gotta win by 25 or we got problems. We win by two or in overtime, people are jumping off bridges. -John Calipari

  • @dylans From my reading, it is worse. Remember, Joe B. Hall and Tubby Smith weren’t good enough for that fan base despite winning NCs.

  • @KUSTEVE yep

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