Sad news for KSU coach Snyder

  • Not sure if anyone has heard the news but Snyder has been in and out of the hospital. He has been diagnosised with throat cancer. Sounds like he will make a full recovery, but prayers to him and his family.

  • He still plans on coaching next season. Hopefully he makes a full recovery and Beaty gets to whoop him on the field for a few years! I’d love for KU to best Snyder at his best.

  • @dylans he’s getting treatment at KU med

  • Prayers for Coach Snyder for a full recovery. He’s a good guy and a great coach.

    I still hope we spank K-State every time we play them though…

  • It has been reported in the local news in the KC Area, but after the very first report, the media has not reported on the condition, I will guess the family requested. They did indicate that he is expected to make a full recovery and be ready for Spring practice. He is now 77 years old and maybe this is a sign for him to retire and enjoy life without the stress of leading a football program. On the other hand, it might be more stressful to him to watch the programs go downhill when he is not at the help like it happened when he retired before.

  • @JayHawkFanToo it’s all over the news

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    It is now but it wasn’t a few days ago when it was first reported by one of the local stations. As I mentioned the original report indicated cancer but subsequent reports simply indicated that it was an undisclosed condition.

  • Cancer is an awful, awful thing. I am not a Snyder fan, but this is one battle I am certainly rooting for him on. Hope he wins in a blowout.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Abt 15 yrs ago he spoke at our church. Very interesting man with great faith. One of his daughters had beenseverely injured & paralyzed in an auto accident & given almost no chance of recovery. However she was able to overcome that injury & walk once more, & coach Snyder was steadfast in his testimony. Though I don’t like losing a game to him, he’s still many, many qualities that I truly admire. We wish him Godspeed.

  • I would certainly applaud Snyder’s contributions to college football and KSU. There’s a reason that stadium is named after him. Here’s hoping he beats that cancer!

  • Coach Snyder,

    Please beat the pants off this disease.

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