OK Guys / am I wrong here - -could be

  • Guys I could be off BUT do we NORMALLY have a game day crew doin games on a Thursday , I mean just like they do on Saturdays? - - Now is it me over does ESPN just have their nose buried that far up Duke- -North Carolina & the ACC"S a - - ?

    Also - -OMG now ESPN got a clip and it doing ALL about the BALL’S that we all discussed just the other day. There is daddy talking his balls all up - ranting and ravin about his boys - -All three on talking about going to UCLA - AND DAD? - -not even going there.

    Got a question - - -Couldn’t that be a NCAA recruiting violation? - -I mean these two kids can’t even sign a LOI yet and here they are on ESPN talking about going to UCLA? - -Dad on ESPN promoting his boys- -no NCAA VIOLATION?- -just curious - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I think Dad and the boys can say whatever they want …UCLA can’t comment on the players.

  • @jayballer54 I’m watching Dook and UNCheat, and I have to say that Justin Jackson looks like a stud. That outlet pass in the first minute of the game…omg. We already beat Dook, and I know we would beat Roy and company, but I certainly like watching the way Roy’s teams play, especially on offense. I LOVE fast breaks…