BIG WIN/ now moving on

  • So we got this Big win out of the way, actually to be honest was a little worried. So now looking ahead Texas Tech Saturday, Got to stay solid, focused. We have four games left on the road. Texas Tech , Baylor ( huge game ) Texas , and then the last Conference game Okla -St Not going to be easy. Glad the guys will maybe get a little down time between now and Saturday. Coach said nothing today and maybe light walk through the next.

    I heard that our game on BIG MONDAY against WV - that we are going to try and set the record for the loudest arena in the Country, I wouldn’t think that will be to hard considering who we play, make Allen shake.

    Then you know I read a couple of statements from some people - - - - no, not here , but I think it was off the ESPN game site board last night and they made the statement how they had lost respect for Coach Self for letting Bragg play. – -SERIOUSLY? - -get the hell off me, cry me a river. the kid was suspended for three games was granted a diverson nad he knows he haas to walk the straight and narrow or his time is UP, he has alot of stipulations he has to follow with this diverson - -it’s a misdameanor - -it was a pipe, ya it’s not good, but come on, time to move on now. - -Coach has done what he felt needed to be done, it’s in the past - -Lose respect? - -holy bat shit. I thought Bragg did a fairly good job when he came in last night, seem to play with alot of energy I hope he does well, gets it turned around. - - Yes he has made some bad decisions , BUT at that age who didn’t? better not hear anyone say not me, I’ll say ya right - -and I’m becoming the Pope tommorrow – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 that’s just KSU for ya, foster for them a few years ago was given about 5 trys to stay outta trouble and couldn’t. Beasley was busted with strippers and weed. One of their assistant coaches got a DUI with no consequences. They’ll say anything to make them feel better about losing again. I hope they beat WVU Saturday to help us but at the same time I’d love to see them not playing in the dance again.

  • @jayballer54

    well if Bragg had intentionally tripped players on the court 3 times, he would only of course miss one game… but a bong in his room?? horrible!!!

  • @Bosthawk LOL, I know right - - but wait, wait, wait - -forgot we are not DUKE lol that ONE game suspension only applies for Grayson lol - - -now if Grayson had a pipe- - but that would never happen, na could it? - - Grayson wouldn’t serve any - -because he is Grayson and plays for Mikey - - -and as we know in this case - -MIKEY likes everything - - especially Grayson - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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