I gotta say

  • Well, you know what ? - – -We have had ALOT and I do mean ALOT of distractions this past week to keek and a half.

    The rape of a 16 yr old girl at McCarthy hall – with 5 of our team being called withnesses. Carlton – beind charged with the drug BS. The drug up alleged allegations of Vick kicking the woman And the surposedly possible Vick & Josh keying someone’s car?

    I would say that’s quite a load full. - Now ask me how much of it that actually is true - -OR at least concerning KU players?

    With having said all these things right here - -and thre are some that have said makes it hard for them to say that they are a KU supporter - -that they are embarrassed, - that they want to hide and put all their KU things up out of sight.

    Well You wanna know what I did today? - - -this morning? – I got around, got dressed and walked out the door an PROUDLY wore my KU jacket to the stores, I went to a sporting goods store and I bought MORE KU memoribilia. - - Is what’s happened bad? - -Wrong? - - hell ya it is - -has it given Ku a black mark? - -ya it has - -EVEN THOUGH the due process hasn’t played out yet. - -People still have been the JUDGE, JURY, AND CONVICTIONERin these things No matter what I’m a JAYHAWK – I’M A JAYHAWK FOR LIFE.

    These guys haven’t even been charges with anything as of yet - -Yes Bragg was but that’s resolved, - -due process has been done. - The others NOTHING has been done, I will continue to back the Crimson and Blue.

    Now I know like for sure in the recruitment of Trae - -you can be guarunteed that these OTHER TWO schools are running wild with this making statements such as - -Are you sure you want to put your son in that type of Surroundings - -enviroment, nuch bettter to come play here.

    I am willing to bet you can take it to the bank - -if you researched there is something like this at EVERY SCHOOL - - -EVERY SCHOOL. - -there is not ONE school that is perfection - you just haven’t heard about it - - yet.

    Ok, ya right so let’s not send them to KU right? hell no don’t let them come here Hell I have an idea: Hell let’s send them to Baylor ya there you go send then to the largest Christian school where they have had FIFTY TWO RAPES in the last four years by THRITY ONE of there football players, with the understanding of show them a good time approach - - FIVE GANG RAPES, - YOU DIDN’T CATCH THAT FIVE GANG RAPES by these football players - -and all the Coaches had been retained. oh hell ya A MUCH BETTER SCHOOL. - -Oh don’t like Baylor oh well no problem; Let’s send them to LOUISVILLE where no big deal, they just pay escorts to have parties and make their players and recruits have a good time - -ya that’s really Saintly - -send them there. - - NO? you don’t like Lousiville? – no sweat how about:

    North Carolina ya let’s send him there where I mean HOLY SHIT they don’t even have to show up for class, ya thats sweet. - - - No?- -well atill have others; How about UCLA? - -where they got their ass in trouble for bundling up packages with large amounts od money and sending it to top notch recruit in the years past - -ya that has been some time ago BUT it happened - so ya let ssned him there. – -Me? - -no thanks I think I’ll just stay put right where I am and support my JAYHAWKS JUST FINE. - -alweays have been a JAYHAWK - -always will be a JAYHAWK - -and I’ll walk proud. - - this BS is getting really old. - The fricken star even comes out at the end of the story and says they can substanciate any of the story- -I CALL BULL SHIT and screw Kevin Keitzman the guy is an idiot – K- Stater - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Here is a thought…maybe you stop bringing it up?

  • @JayHawkFanToo I myself like his nose-into-the-headwind defiance!

  • @jayballer54 Oh, you mustn’t leave out Minnesota!

  • @jayballer54 OK we hear you LOUD AND CLEAR…We all support that same team and hope for the best. Calm down, ChiveOn, and Chill Out my Crimson and Blue friend. It’s gonna be all right. We all want the best, what’s right, and just. We all understand your frustration. No need going psycho on your fellow JHawks.



    This is all in good humor and fun. As JayBate would say, all humor and no malice.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Ahhhh, whz the matter?- -did I strike a nerve . – here is a thought how the hell is ANYONE surpose to forget it when it’s plastered all over the news, the media and then you get peop,e who get on here and say OH let me put these things away I’m so ashamed?- -Give ME A BREAK. - - HOLY SHIT I’ll forget as soon as peop,e quit trying to condemn these guys BEFORE the course has been run - -thanks appreciate your input. - - as always - - SO how about THAT thought as long as we are giving thoughts. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY. - -HAVE A GREAT DAY

  • @jayballer54

    By continually bringing it up you are encouraging the feeding frenzy…obviously you don’t see it.

  • @truehawk93 GEE thanks for your advice, Chill out - - Chill out - - I LIKE THAT lol., but haven’t really come close to really going as you say psycho YET. - -I have no time though for fair weather closet fans , they love thumping their chest when things are good red and rosy - -BUT how quick they turn when it get’s ugly. - -If your going to ride - -then ride – if you wanna jump and whine at the sign of trouble - -then run back to the closet till things calm, but I mean seriously - - these guys haven’t even come close to be proven guilty OF ANYTHING and you have - - ahh never mind not going any further, be easier to beat my head against a wall then just continue to go back and forth back and forth - - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @JayHawkFanToo here is a NEWS FLASH for you. - -I never have & never will just sit idiol and let people talk crap about Ku with out having the facts and NOT going of something some fricken paper decides to print even when they themselves saying at end of an article that they can’t confirm ANY of what they printed - -But you have people that want to take that and run hog wild with that - - UMM NO I WILL speak up and STAND up for these guys - - you ever hear of the phrase innocent until proven guilty? - -This paper has a huge hardon for KU now and it’s BS. - All they are looking at is - if it can sell readership - -THEN PRINT IT - -whether they have any solid proof or not. - -And if it turns out all false, no charges - -and not guilty - then I tell ya what I’d be going back on this reporter and or paper and be filing slander and deflamation of character so fast it would be making your head spin – your messing with young men’s lively hood here. you best know what the hell your talking about before you just go and put ink to rambling bull shit. - you have seen what it has done right? - -ya I thought so - -So let’s ban that topic in here buddy if I’m the only one as you so nicely try and remind me by continually bringing it up, - -have you seen how many comments by people have been made here by the same people over, and over, and over, and over? - -or did you miss all those constant talk on this? - and I"M the one continually bringing it up? - - - YA OK. - -So how the hell am I the one continually- -may just because I’m a little more emphatic about it- -maybe get a little more fired up about these accusations? - -Sorry I am not taming that AT ALL. this kind of crap gets my blood boiling when people want to talk with out facts - -just go off hear say- -that’s really sad. - -but hey again you have a great day. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Well you are currently leading in the KU Buckets "most enthusiastic poster " contest 😄 (I believe sir Jaybate won it 10 years in a row 😉

    Everybody here kinda forms a metal picture of the regular denizens… your liberal use of CAPS and prose style makes me picture you as yelling as you type your posts 😄

    This site surely can handle a wide variety of opinions and takes on our beloved team. KU has had a good reputation overall, and a high athlete graduation rate, and yes no school is immune to scandal and bad behavior. Our coach seems to understand when to give players the benefit of the doubt and when to send them packing because he knows he’s responsible for arguably the classiest and most storied program in all college sport. Not to worry I say.

  • @Bosthawk gee, gollie, gorsch, - crazy humpy toads - - that is enough to make me blush lol, I love my caps almost as much as my " Jumpin - - -Gee - - Hossa - -Fats" - -me using the caps at certain times is when I’m really trying to drive a point home- -trying to really emphasize how I feel, and what I think. – Do I rub some people here raw? - -the wrong way? - - Hell yes I do,- - Do I care? – Hell no, - -I’m gonna say what I wanna say, you have your right to your opinion - -train of thought right?- - I have mine, I’m going to voice my opinion ya know? – It what I think - -what I feel, irratates makes people upset, get’s them to wet their pants about what I say?- -So be it. - -I’m also a fan that is beyond passionate when it comes to Ku. – I didn’t graduate from KU, - -I didn’t even attend ONE class - -One semester,- - BUT I love them to no end. - -As a matter of fact got into some pretty good fights when I was growing up with the pig farmers down the inner state when they started talkin smack on KU- - I’m that passionate about this team. - just really chaps my ass when people just ramble on with out facts - -j.ust hear say - -Again I know I frustrate people here, I make some really PO’D , upset people, I’m sure some have called me every name in the book. But you know what I’m going to keep on keeping on.

    I’m not going to ever change, I’m going to keep on being me, and guess what I’ll fluff my pillow at the end of the night - -and sleep just fine - -whether there are some here that don’t like me or not - -the sun will still come up in the East - -and set in the West. lol - - opinions are just that opinions and everyone is going to have one. - -some will agree - -some will disagree, this makes the world go round. - -BUT dam I’m a leader lol - -that’s awesome greatly appreciated, - -have a great night my friend. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • All day long, baby!!!

  • @jayballer54 I LIKE IT!! I couldnt have said it better my self!

    I listen to Slip Knot quite often. Heavy metal band. One quote comes to mind here.

    “Im gonna say what Im gonna say and then I swear I’ll go away but I cant promise youll enjoy the noise.”

    BUT, I dont want you to go away man. I like your noise. KEEP IT UP!

  • The constant negative commentary about these events during our games plus the horror movies being advertised during commercial breaks have given me 2 new reasons to dislike ESPN this year.

  • @Lulufulu Not to worry my friend - -I’m not going anywhere - -thanks you my friend - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @approxinfinity I know what you mean, I mean dam, they focus on everything but what they should foucus on. - -They have reported it, it’s been made clear so until someone is officially charged on one of these BS alleged crimes, until they have a court date and or trial WHY rehash what’s been rehashed - that’s been rehashed? - Then people tell me if I would not keep bringing it up - -AGAIN holy crap when every time a person comes here or like you say ESPN or that wonderful piece of work the KC Star just slinging crap around to gain readership - -sell a paper - totally unfounded, can’t even confirm- -well ya they keep bringing it up, then I’m not gonna just sit back and say nothing, let them talk their crap about the boys. – -It’s the bottom of the Ninth and we have our heavy hitters coming up ! ! ! !- -I appreciate everyone my friends - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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