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  • @Crimsonorblue22 Thankfully I saved the game on the DVR and am rewatching it right now! So much fun…hearing Kentucky fans and Cal whine the entire 2nd half.

  • @wissox Re-watched second half this morning before church and the best part was when we were up by 10. Except for a few KU fans you could hear a pin drop in Rupp. Lotsa folks sitting on their hands at that point. BTW, were the Oz characters UK fans or KU fans? If UK, we should buy them costumes to wear everytime we play them.

  • @brooksmd I rewatched it this AM too since I had to listen to most of second half on radio yesterday. It was nice to see the feeling confirmed bout Lucas and Coleby. Both played like men. Lucas helped carry us offensively to keep the lead for a good stretch and Coleby… Man brought his hard hat and battled, appreciated that when he fouls someone , it’s not dirty but there’s no way they are getting a three point play.

    Don’t need to say anything about Josh, Frank, Devonte or Vicks dunk. All clutch. The other takeaway for me seeing the replay was how comfortable Svi was knocking down a couple HUGE momentum changing shots. Hard shots. Bang! Big time Svi. I hope this is a big game for him to build on.

  • @brooksmd The Wizard of OZ characters have been showing up at a lot of our games. Opposing students are having fun and I love it. I saw the characters at the Iowa State game, but they didn’t have a tin man. At least UK students were creative enough to include the tin man. Iowa State had Coach Self’s face on the Dorothy character. What a hoot.

    I’ve suggested to my freshman daughter that she and her dorm friends dress as prison inmates for the Baylor game using the obnoxious yellow and green colors as the stripes. She wasn’t as impressed with the idea as I was. I can’t wait for our Jayhawks to tear the Bears apart on Wednesday.

  • @brooksmd Pretty sure they were UK people/ students just trying to be comical ya know you say Kansas and what’s the 1st thing people outside the State relate to. - -Kind of like the line that’s just ben ran into the ground beyond pathetic, that you see on signs at certain sporting events or whatever. - You know that line " Your not in Kansas anymore " - -I’m so sick of hearing that - -seeing that - -if your trying to talk smack at least use something new/fresh right? lol - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Those unoriginal bozos. Doesn’t bother me, it just shows how boring their creative side is. It’s like my little summer helpers from KSU every summer. Same small person insults Gay-U, cheaters, arrogant, refs bail KU out, damn liberals, full of tree huggers…etc. However, if I wanted to run them into the ground it’s sooo easy that it’s not fun, so I don’t and watch them make asses of themselves. I guess that makes me one of those arrogant KU fans.

    I take Larry Brown’s lessons to heart. We are the best fans in the world. I refuse to sink to their level. I will delight in my teams wins, not others losses. I have a real program to root for, almost makes me feel sorry for them…almost.

  • @dylans next time we play Kentucky we take wv fans, put the toothless hairy creatures, in tight short blue shirts and we have our own Kentucky oz family!!

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