SEC/B12 challenge

  • Didn’t know if any was interested in tracking the results. WVU is the only team currently in action, they are handling TexasA&M by 16 at the half in Morgantown.

  • All games are on TV. Good day to watch conference teams against the SEC. Big 12 wins 7-3 or better.

  • @JayHawkFanToo yes, I think all are on ESPN family of channels. I’m out shopping before our game starts. Just gonna check scores when I remember.

  • WVU is going to hang on here, but A&M is showing how to put pressure on WVU and fight to the finish, which we did not do…

  • @DCHawker should read “which we never do”.

  • WVU hangs on, TT up on LSU at the half, KSU getting punked by Tennessee and OU by Floridia.

  • @HawkChamp We never do? What about 18-2 don’t you understand?

  • @wissox at West Virginia is what I meant. I know our record and it is loaded with cupcakes and only one top twenty five team - you could maybe count Iowa State and K State, but they aren’t top twenty teams.

  • Tennessee beats KSU, TT over LSU, Florida over OU. Tied 2-2 in challenge

  • I think we need to send out an AMBER alert- - - I mean HUMPIN - -GEE - -HOSSA- -FATS, did Oklahoma even bother to suit up today? - - -mercy mercy - -didn’t chalk it up as a win for them - -BUT by 30? - - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The SEC takes a 4-3 as OSU beats Arkansas but ISU is upset bye vandy and Texas loses a nail biter at Georgia.

  • The Big 12 officially went .500 in the challenge thanks to KU’s HUGE win.

  • Yep Baylor and KU came from behind to save the day. TCU couldn’t quite get Auburn.

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